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 Log entries Bond Lake Park - Upper Escarpment    {{found}} 9x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 3x  

5455 2014-10-24 15:04 Mr.Yuck (user activity225) - Note

Absolutely absurd on their part. It won't be the first time in Geocaching history that some clown told a cacher they were on "their property", when they were not. Let me ask you this. Do you think the Niagara Escarpment is "straight"? Answer, no, not even close, see a Topo Map. MOST of the escarpment in Bond Lake Park is on the reservation. When I placed "You are in no Danger" on, here's a little secret. I actually was calling waypoints to a cacher at home and having him plot them on a map to make sure I was in the Park. You are in No Danger, The old 2002 placed "Bond Lake Cache", and most certainly this one at the bottom of the escarpment are all within the park. This cache will not be archived.

5454 2014-10-24 12:23 Strayed Hound (user activity0) - Note

NOTICE: I was driving around bonds lake yesterday and decided to look up a couple of caches, which I haven't done in a while unfortunately. I was climbing up the escarpment behind the pines when I encountered a couple native American men on there way to hunt with large rifles no less! Unbeknownst to me, THE ESCARPMENT IS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY ON THE INDIAN RESERVATION! I wasn't aware of this as I've walked along the trails up there before. The gentlemen kindly pointed out the Nation boundary markers place by the US gov. You'll notice that the trees at the base of the escarpment are painted white, as a crude line between the official markers. They asked they we respect their property and stay off the escarpment as it is not a part of the park. Still a nice adventure on a beautiful autumn day :)

1849 2011-11-25 23:32 Sabrefan7 (user activity89) - Found it

After visiting the water intakes on the Robert Moses Parkway and recording two finds for one cache I headed to  Bond Lake and Cambria hoping to get 2 more in by dusk. I parked in the lot and hoofed it over to the GZ. I was poking around for a short wile and having no luck I brought up the cache page on my phone. Just as the hint was loading I spotted the cache from 30ft away laying on the ground. Signed in and having looked at the hint I re hid and covered it over well. Thanks for another walk in Bond Lake Park.

1548 2011-09-07 01:06 sfcchaz (user activity428) - Found it

We are in this area on a mini vacation at Niagara Falls. Of course with vacation comes caching. I wanted to use the opportunity to seek some of the Opencaches in the area. While in the park we pick up two bonus Groundspeak caches. TN, L: a signature pathtag. TFTC

1275 2011-07-01 02:46 DudleyGrunt (user activity669) - Found it

2772.  First find of the day, before heading south to GeoWoodstock.  Seeming many vehicles, down the road, I decided that I'd join the crowd and plead ignorance if it turned out everyone else had a permit or something.  Walked the trails to the cache.  The last little bit had me wishing I'd worn pants (long ones, that is).

Nice hide.  The cache was in great shape.  I left a couple wooden nickels (DG 1.1 & DG 2.0) and, I think, a Pathtag.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1089 2011-05-08 20:24 Atmospherium (user activity36) - Found it

I loaded this cache into my GPS a month ago, so by today I had forgotten every hint and description included in the write-up. I assumed it would be a hide similar to the nearby Frog caches, so once I got within 75ft or so I pocketed the GPS and zoomed in on likely spots.


After poking and prodding every nook with no luck, I figured I'd better let the arrow guide me a little closer. Only then did I finally reach the proper altitude, and soon had the cache in hand. Thanks!

1005 2011-04-24 20:08 Rayman (user activity93) - Found it

Boy this cache was causing me some angst last night! For whatever reason when I tried updating my GPS via GSAK, it would crash right away. Eventually I narrowed it down to this waypoint that caused the problem, so I had to load it in the old fashioned way.

After making quick work of the froggy cache nearby, I headed on over to this one. Of course I thought I'd be the smart guy and take what I thought was the easier route over here, which turned out to be wrong. Should have just gone back down. Spotted a likely hide spot from up top, but no cache was to be found there. A minute or so later, I found another place which had the cache safely tucked away. Another nice hide, thanks.

989 2011-04-17 23:03 Barbershopdru (user activity12) - Found it

Well, since Yuck 'encouraged' me to find 'this one' as long as I was finding 'that one', here I am!  On a roll....two opencaches in 2 different years!  YAY!  Much easier then the other for which Miss B.S. was glad! Always nice to walk through BL and today was perfect!  Wind, Rain, Snow...we had it all!

972 2011-04-12 22:13 Borst68 (user activity61) - Found it

I entertained the idea of hunting this cache (and others) on the 11th with everyone else.  I was unsure of the weather and opted to do other things around the house instead.  Today was another story.  The lure of the sunshine was too much to stop me from venturing out into Bond Lakes.  After climbing tot he top for the other cacahe, it only made sense to decend for this one (so I can climb for the next one...).  The cache was nicely concealed and I made a quick find on it.  TFTC and for being part of great sunny day in Bond Lakes.

970 2011-04-11 18:19 Inkwell (user activity4) - Found it

So Mrs. Inkwell finally convinced me to get out of the house and go after our 1st opencache after work today.  She's been lurking around on this site for weeks now, begging me to go after some of these.  I finally caved in with the lure of two new caches in Bond Lake and I have to say that I've come around to the idea of a different caching option in these parts.  Not that we're going opencache exclusive or anything, it's just cool to break up the monopoly a bit. 

We've been to this park once or twice in the past, so we had a pretty good idea of where to park and what trails to take to GZ.  We dodged lot's of mud puddles, horse prints and ATV ruts as we toured the beautiful "upper" trails of Bond Lake.  Halfway into our journey, we knew that there were other cachers in the park and we were hot on their trail, as we found a clue to their presence in the form of a 4-page cache printout on the ground.  We reviewed it and realized that it was a listing for your other new cache here, so we thought that there was a good chance that we'd be signing the logbook for this cache 1st.  Not that it matters really.

Anway, after a stop on the escarpment for the other cache that I've made reference to almost a bazillion times in this log, we hiked toward GZ for this one.  We jumped off trail and made the find here after a brief search.  Looks like we missed Cayuga Crew by a mere 2 hours.  Geez, if we knew he was coming to our neck of the woods, we probably would have invited him over for dinner or something.     

Thanks for introducing us to opencaching.  We've now found our first geocache here, placed our first geocache here, found our first opencache here......oh, and Mrs. Inkwell tells me that we got married in this park too...almost forgot about that one.

Thanks for the cache!

971 2011-04-11 03:50 recommendation Cayuga Crew (user activity80) - Found it

Darn them Inkwells for letting the world know I still haven't mastered the new fangled technology of paperless caching thing. Truth be told, I have all the tools but am more comfortable with a stack of printed pages in my pocket as they often come in handy in emergencies for like starting fires if you get stranded in the dark or you get them really soft if you wrrinkle them up over and over and use them for wound dressings or other needs that happen to arise when you find yourself removed from the facilities of modern society.  Don't worry dear Inkwells if the pages you found happened to be soiled it was most likely to just be good ole Niagara County mud as no emergencies occurred on this hunt.  

Funny thing is that I lost my stack of cache pages just yesterday at the "Why are they here cache"  and back tracked to find them near the final leg after returning to my truck.   Apparently I didn't know I dropped them today or I probably would have made a second trip back to pick them up as well.

Well anyway the story I'm sticking to is that after leaving work today after a sniffle filled weekend which pretty muck kept my stuck to the couch I decided to take advantage of what was left of the balmy temps to get out for a little hike.   The oppurtunity to hunt for two new caches of different formats drew me to Bond Lake.  As the Wells noted I made this my first stop of the day and made the find here at about 3 50 PM. Other than utilizing the muddy trails unneccessarily for most of the hike the hunt for this one was mostly uneventful, unfortunately.  Of course I enjoyed my time here at Boond Lake and did a little more exploring before heading for home and a 3 hour nap back on the couch which somehow impeded me from loggin this as soon as I got home today.  Damn sniffles are kicking my butt.   I reget missing the Inkwells and am wondering what was for dinner anyway?


Oh and as a side note, nice touch Mr.Yuck with the official log pages.   Once again I may have proclaimed OC to be dead a tad prematurely.


Thanks for keeping it alive and viril for at leaast one more cache.

964 2011-04-10 18:16 Mr.Yuck (user activity225) - Note

There will some day be a "Bond Lake Park - Lower Escarpment" cache, but my crippled 48 yr. old body can only handle so much hiking in one day.