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8236 2017-10-21 13:55 mortonfox (user activity4) - Found it

Found it at Flagstack event in Laurel. Thanks.

7605 2016-08-20 15:12 Burdick Family (user activity2) - Found it

Found at the Calvert County Meet & Greet. TFTC!

7600 2016-08-20 14:13 Krips Curves (user activity13) - Note

Found at Calvert Meet n Greet

6120 2015-07-25 17:33 Krips Curves (user activity13) - Found it

Found at Solomons event

5601 2015-01-31 14:29 DisneyScout (user activity21) - Found it

MGS event!

5234 2014-08-31 18:43 ithink314 (user activity276) - Note

Parked right next to it, then saw it on the table... hahaha Thanks again!

5218 2014-08-31 10:31 TermiteHunter (user activity242) - Found it

Found in Matthews.  Thanks for traveling here

5247 2014-08-31 07:00 QueensGrantMusic (user activity104) - Found it

Discovered in the parking lot and on a table at an amazing event hosted by the CO of ths cache.  Thanks for sharing.

4521 2014-04-17 21:00 angeloak (user activity4) - Found it

Thanks for showing us your transport after a nice discussion about Open Caching.Smile

4838 2014-02-16 19:57 eissak (user activity8) - Found it

Thanks for sharing!

4294 2013-10-20 19:30 ithink314 (user activity276) - Found it

Had a good time seeing the cache and getting a ride to dinner in it. Glad to meet you, DG. First BIT cache find, Thanks!

3662 2012-12-24 15:11 marylandramblers (user activity7) - Found it

Found this while waiting for the reindeer run cache to go live!

3263 2012-08-04 11:24 littleblkdog (user activity3) - Found it

Discovered at the MGS Summer Picnic 2012.  Just realized that I hadn't logged it.  Thanks for sharing! 

2896 2012-07-19 20:20 4freds (user activity7) - Found it

8) Meet the owner and driver of this cool moving cache while traveling through my home twon of Pleasnat Garden NC. Thanks for sharing. Happy Cachin' 8)

2813 2012-07-13 16:18 Sabrefan7 (user activity89) - Found it

I spotted this one out of the corner of my eye on the way into the event. "That sticker looks like a BIT,, Maryland plates? Yup!" DG's Car. Thanks for the cache

2797 2012-07-13 02:11 Mr.Yuck (user activity227) - Found it

Nice to see one of the very last of the "old" CRV's. The wife doesn't like the new style, and is probably replacing her 2008 model with a Rav4 instead of a CRV later this year because of it! I went out alone, and actually did have to hunt for it, and find it. TFTBC.

2790 2012-07-12 23:37 MickEMT (user activity12) - Found it

nice to get the chance to meet you

2745 2012-07-11 08:37 NativTxn (user activity177) - Found it

Making a cache run with DudleyGrunt. I'm riding in a cache!

2536 2012-05-22 17:14 ucobear (user activity7) - Found it

What an interesting travelling bitcache! Thanks for introducing the fun cache to me. 

1836 2011-11-22 17:30 DudleyGrunt (user activity632) - Note

Well, I the original Cache Retrieval Vehicle is no more. I was in a three car accident on the 17th. A 20 year old male driver ran a redlight and struck my CRV and another vehicle.  I learned yesterday, that it is officially totaled.

I am shopping for a new car, now.  I'm actually looking at a newer CR-V, so may simply move the BITcache to it.


Pictures for this log entry:
Front 1
Front 1
Front 2
Front 2
A "Life" Cut Short @ 204386 Miles
A "Life" Cut Short @ 204386 Miles

1811 2011-11-11 16:04 nighthawk700 (user activity14) - Found it

found while freezing in  a parking lot waitging for 11:11am.

1465 2011-08-21 22:45 rstickle (user activity6) - Found it

Got to see the cache in front of Sullivan's at the intersection of MD Route 197 and 198, in conjunction with the first Birthday event for OCUS.

1461 2011-08-21 21:05 cycleangela (user activity149) - Found it

I've seen this car many times, but finally got the code word for it today after the Happy Birthday, OCUS event. Thanks for sharing!

1469 2011-08-21 14:59 networkcacher (user activity33) - Found it

Parked outside the OCUS Birthday event today.  Great to see this new type of cache out in the wild. Scanned it just fine with my iphone.

1458 2011-08-21 13:00 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Found it

I knew I would be able to see this one while attending the Happy Birthday, OCUS! event today. I might have to duplicate this one for my geomobile. TFTC

1395 2011-08-10 11:56 DudleyGrunt (user activity632) - Note

Cool AND RedLeg7's log was the first EVER "Found It" log for a BITcache! Cool

1394 2011-08-08 20:15 Redleg7 (user activity1) - Found it

This was my first ever OCUS cache, and my first BIT cache! Met up with Dave last night, and got the info off of his cachemobile. FTF too!