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1529 2011-09-03 02:15 DudleyGrunt (user activity631) - Found it

2923.  FINALLY made it back here to find the last ACES cache I needed.  I was in NoVA (mostly) seeking TerraCaches, but this was  the one OCUS hide I needed.  I'd stopped for lunch up the road and it started to rain.  Knowing it wasn't supposed to last long, I was actually glad to see it.  It stopped just as I was arriving at parking and I hoped it would have cleared any disc golfers off the course.  Last time, I'd nearly been hit by a disc and gave up the search, after seeing an unending string of DGers.  When I got near the cache site, there were 2 guys and a toddler (in a stroller) on the course.  First, I tried to access GZ from a trail that headed into the woods, but found it didn't really get me close enough to GZ.  I would have cut thru the woods, but I encounterd my first ever aggressive squirrel.  He didn't attack me, but he was enjoying his acorn in a tree I'd have had to walk under.  When I stopped on the trail, he made "barking" noises at me and I didn't want to take chance that if I walked under him he'd jump on my head and decided to walk around.

I ended up letting the disc golfers play through and didn't see anyone else coming, so I went for the cache.  Got lucky and found it quickly.  Took nothing and left a personal wooden nickesl, a Roy Rogers wooden nickel (good for a free ice cream cone), and the Evil Blue Bunny GeoKrety trackable.

As, a scout leader, I was very happy to finally find this one.

Thanks and Happy Trails!