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2032 2012-01-27 02:21 G.O. Cash (user activity2) - Found it

FTF! Well well waddayouknow, got my cuppa after all... Laughing This would be an easy hide if it weren't for all the places where the cache could very well be, but isn't... Didn't have the benefit of the newly added hint, which would have made the search a lot shorter. Places like this are very difficult to get a good coordinate reading, but after allowing for sufficient time to let the Garmin settle down, I found the coords to be pretty good... Google maps has the spot down exactly.

Had planned a trip to the area for the weekend, to pick up a few solved puzzle caches, and hopefully get this and the last one I'm still missing from the RR Knutz lineup, Guinea station; but as I'm not sure if that trip will happen, I came over just for this cache after seeing Cachew Knutz's note...

Now I have a account, my first find, and a FTF... not a bad start... TFTC& series& FTF prize!