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253 2010-10-15 20:30 Szuchie (user activity20) - Found it

Chicky and I found this one today. We rather enjoyed this lil' slice of bikepath, even though we did nearly scare the turd out of an unsuspecting dog walker. Meh, so is the plight of the semi-urban cacher.<br /> <br /> Anyhoo, we found both legs with no trouble, and even took the final for a walk a little further down the trail so we could sign in to the sounds of Two Mile Creek. Pretty interesting location - I should have looked to see if there were any GC's or whatever else placed nearby, but I'm far too lazy to spend that much time planning. <br /> <br /> So with the cache signed, logged and all that fun jazzness...we returned it to it's hiding spot with a geokretter we picked up eariler in the week. Damned if I know how to log it in here...but I'll figure something out. Hahaha.<br /> <br /> Thanks mean Mr. Yucklebuckle.<br /> <br /> ~Szuchie