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5393 2014-09-22 01:11 Mr.Yuck (user activity227) - Attended

Amazing!! Two people attended this event on this website, and I swear, I did not browbeat them to do it!! As a matter of fact, it never even came up. However, I will browbeat more people to log it. Tongue out

I have a count of 68 attendees, with 1 emergency "had to leave" about 2:30, and probably a couple in the bathroom or bar when I counted. Great turnout! Yes, thanks Borst for the ice bucket dumping, which probably weighed about 30-35 pounds. Anyone who has ever had a fish tank (should) know that water weighs 8 pounds a gallon, and there was at least 4 of them in there.

Pictures for this log entry:
B.S. Dru (The Puppet) addresses the crowd
B.S. Dru (The Puppet) addresses the crowd