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5947 2015-05-23 19:17 Mr.Yuck (user activity229) - Attended

Yes, we had 5 people who purposely attended this event, and 10 who stumbled on it. One of the 10 was someone who has logged caches on our site though. We also had 2 "will attends" who did not show. I think we were really hurt by the Hagerstown CITO. (Which people tell me there was nothing to do, the park was clean). At least 3 people I thought would come with me went to that. I guess we can't compete with a unique icon for a busy day challenge. Surprised

Thanks all for attending my 2nd event hosted in Western Maryland (even though I live in Buffalo, NY). If you would have told me I'd be hosting 2 Geocaching events in Western Maryland 2 years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy! We gave out some OCNA swag to the accidental attendees, so hopefully that was a good thing, promotion wise.