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6721 2015-11-02 03:24 Mr.Yuck (user activity229) - Found it

I came here after finding Harmonic Convergence in Leroy. Then at the intersection of 19 and 20, I took the wrong off ramp, and ended up going East instead of West. So I turned around in the parking lot of a bar, and decided I should have a beer there. It was a very nice place, very clean! So then I made my way to Genesee County Park, and this cache. I parked at the Vietnam veterans memorial, and I couldn't get any closer to the cache in November with many of the roads closed. I had done my research, and knew I could get to the cache from that parking area. Found the proper trail to it with little difficulty. Once on site, I found it surpisngly quckly. Are they like pimping this cache at the park HQ? Because there are a lot of unlogged on here finders. Bon Echo isn't even the last finder, Snowman257, whom I've heard of on, but have never met, was the last finder, about a week after Bon Echo in August. I left my phone (camera) in the car, but I had to have a DudleyGrunt wooden Nickel! I left a dollar for it. Awesone location in the woods, thanks for the cache!
Pictures for this log entry:
My awesome DudleyGrunt swag :-)
My awesome DudleyGrunt swag :-)