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7373 2016-06-06 14:52 Bon Echo (user activity195) - Found it

We stayed one night in Galveston and I managed to do three of six webcam caches (there are three on OCNA and three on; i did two of the former and one of the latter). We stayed in a hotel near this webcam and spent two days on the the beach. I actually had access to a tablet with a data connect, first time with that sure made things easier. In the end it was the sun that created the biggest challenge in getting good images - either too much or too little. With this one, it was too much sun and I couldn;t see the screen on the tablet no matter what I did. So I took a bunch of screenshots and hoped to be visible in a least one of them. This is the one. I realize the image is not the best, and I am including a modified version and a few "traditional" pictures as proof of visit. Hope they are satisfactory. Thanks NativTxn for the webcam caches. I may have to upload the photos via Flickr when I get back to ontario.

Here's the original webcam shot. We are standing just left of the stairs in the image. I;m wearing a orange shirt and a wide tan hat:

Here's the zoomed and cropped version of the webcam photo. We're in the red box which provides no shade from the sun!

Here's a few non-webcam photos I took:

here we are across the street from the webcam, which is on the top corner of the hotel visible in this shot


here me taking a selfie shot while still across the road - something I rarely do and can;t seem to do well. The pier is visible behind me

Pictures for this log entry:
Bon Echo at the Seawall Cam
Bon Echo at the Seawall Cam
Cropped image
Cropped image