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8023 2017-07-03 03:07 Bon Echo (user activity203) - Found it

We visited Ottawa for the big Canada 150 celebrations. Waited 3 hours, 9 - noon, in a line up that ground to a halt beside the Bank of Canada building. All the while being passed by other Canadians who instead walked up and merged into the crowd - no wonder the line stopped moving. Was hoping to get onto Parliament Hill to get photos of the PM for the "take me to your leader" LC but instead all i got was three crying kids sad that they didn't get to see the show. Newspapers are billing the day as chaotic - they got that right. Organizers drop the ball on this one. Totally disorganized lineups, no where to use the washroom, no food for sale once you got onto the hill....and then there was the rain - showers, downpours, thunder storms, the works. So our Canada Day 150 was a real downer. But we returned on Monday and toured about seeing the sights including a stop at the Centennial Flame. A bit smelly near the flame, we debated whether it was from the gas used for the flame or from all the mud on the hill (oh yeah, forgot to mention that the nice grassy lawn in from of the Center Block is now a mudpit).

This is one of four virtuals in Ottawa today - 2 on this site and 2 on Terracaching. Nearly 7 years on this one and no finds yet? Okay, another OCNA FTF for me. Thanks lacwitt


Pictures for this log entry:
One of the Bon Echo girls at the Centennial Flame
One of the Bon Echo girls at the Centennial Flame