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9234 2020-05-18 10:15 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Found it

I haven't been on the site for a while until just recently. I retired and moved south last summer. Only a couple of OCNA caches within 100 miles of where I now live. 

Now with this Covid-19 thing happening, I, like most other people, are not caching as much as I'm used to. I was reminded of these locationless caches and decided to revisit them. Lots of research to do here, but I have several that I qualify for.

My requirement for the OCNA Challenge Cache - Seasonal Cacher (Winter) is below:


Hidden 12/23/2010 - Healing Garden Guestbook - OU0200

Hidden 01/08/2011 - MAGC Ammo Can Roll Call - OU0227 

Hidden 02/27/2011 - Original Washington Monument - OU025E