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9653 2021-03-28 14:15 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Found it

So, I see that there are two other "Found It" logs from the day before the cache published. I noticed that these cachers tend to cache with the CO, so I assume they were together at the original visit with the CO. So, I'll claim FTF, if that's correct.

How fortunate, I had a plan to visit Montgomery, AL today and this one published last night. I had been here about 19 months ago to seek and log the Groundspeak virtual at this location. If you check out my log there, I had on the same shirt, but a different hat. Today my scrubby beard was a little longer too. lol

I believe this is the first OCNA cache that I have receive a "Publish" notification on since I retired and moved to Alabama. I live in Fort Mitchell, AL. Not many OCNA caches near me, but I did claim a FTF on one in Newnan, GA that was almost 10 years old, but cross-listed on the Groundspeak site. The Groundspeak cache is still active. I'm still the only finder on this site. I even had to remind the CO of it as he forgot about it on this site.

I'm also going to use this cache in a cyber cache on the site where the requirement is to find 5 geocaches on 5 different sites that are also different types of geocaches on the same day. This one being a virtual.

Thanks for the placement.

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