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	11/21/2011 obxgeek Found it

11/21/2011 16:06 Found: Found it

I had to go to Seattle for a conference so I got the crazy idea to make the drive there to pick up new states and visit some great locations. I decided to also use it as a chance to hunt for some caches on some of the other sites that are more spread out so I mapped my route and got all the main caches in my database then went back to the other sites like this one and traced the route to grab any caches that were along the way. When I found this cache I just had to visit it. My wife OBXBeachGirl loves Christmas and I couldn't pass it up.

We made it here and found the spot for the cache even though the parking was really hard today. As luck would have it the Capitol Christmas Tree was visiting on its way to the Capitol Building in Washington DC. It was only here for a single day so I was amazed at the chances of us being here at the same time as we are headed back to the DC area where I live. We got pictures of the truck after loging the cache and had a great time in this little town. Thanks for bringing us here. Without this cache we never would have seen the tree.
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Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!