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3 04/16/2018 TermiteHunter Comment

Made a guess about that final digit since it was not clear in the sign. Almost 5 years since its first and only other find log. GO OCNA

Couldn't upload the pic in cgeo. Had to use the browser but I think I deleted tommy gators photo with an accidental touch.
Sorry TG if I did but believe me it was there.

1 04/16/2018 TermiteHunter Found it

Visiting for an EPA conference. Started snowing when I arrived and flurries are still popping up. Snow and a cold wind make this more difficult but it is my 3rd OCNA cache today after getting 2 at the airport in Charlotte. Only worried about the final number needed for the password.
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Cold hard proof
Cold hard proof

1 06/04/2013 TommyGator Found it

Talk about irony!  We were here a few weeks ago doing the "tourist" routine, visited this cool location, but hadn't realized it was an OpenCache!  As I  didn't record the required info to document my visit, I couldn't log it until today when we just *happened* to be in the area again.  This time I completed all required tasks and claim the Virtual FTF.  This place is definitely on the list for another visit.....I mean, CRUISE!  Thanks for bringing me here!