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9238 2020-05-18 10:15 sfcchaz (user activity404) - Found it

I haven't been on the site for a while until just recently. I retired and moved south last summer. Only a couple of OCNA caches within 100 miles of where I now live. 

Now with this Covid-19 thing happening, I, like most other people, are not caching as much as I'm used to. I was reminded of these locationless caches and decided to revisit them. Lots of research to do here, but I have several that I qualify for.

My requirement for the OCNA Challenge Cache - First To Find Hound (Level 1) is below:


Good for Your Soul #1 - OU009D
Good for Your Soul #2 - OU009E
Who Was Colonel Gateway? - OU018D
Treasure at Land's End - OU00C8
WSE 1 - Wood's Edge - OU0267
Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park Guestbook - OU0272
Bon Secours Spiritual Center Guestbook - OU0273
Original Washington Monument - OU025E
CBEC Visitors Center Guestbook - OU0284
"Open" Gate - OU0285

8222 2017-10-17 20:47 ithink314 (user activity276) - Found it

Took a lot longer to get the list of finds than advertised, since the searches and gpx downloads aren't working as they should. Because isn't working either, those links won't be given. I'm less of an FTF hound than I used to be, but still getting them now and then. Anyway, here is a list of 10+.

Richfield Bridge - OU0545 28 August 2015 (Hmm, cross-listed, DQ)

STS: Ole Presby - OU052D 29 August 2015

The 49er Miner - OU08E0 30 August 2015

Veterans Memorial Park - OU077F 20 May 2016 (since sfchaz explicitly didn't claim FTF)

Skater Dude! - OU073C 10 July 2016

What geological structure is this trail head named after? - OU0A06 06 August 2016

What is this the entrance to? - OU0A05 06 August 2016

The Mustache... - OU0931 01 October 2016

Getting Back on Track - OU073D 30 April 2017

OCNA Challenge Cache - Ultimate Monthly Cacher - OU093B 19 May 2017

Natural Path - OU0A99 14 September 2017

7825 2017-01-25 21:47 TommyGator (user activity244) - Found it

Here's my qualifiers:<br /> <br /> 01/10/2017, Galveston Beach Cam,<br /> 11/18/2016, Ochopee - Smallest Post Office In The US,<br /> 06/06/2016, Paper or Plastic?,<br /> 06/06/2016, VST #1 Virtual Segway Tour,<br /> 06/06/2016, VST #2 Smale Park,<br /> 06/06/2016, VST #3 The Brigade,<br /> 06/06/2016, VST #4 Our Queen,<br /> 06/06/2016, VST #5 Yeatmans Cove,<br /> 06/06/2016, VST #6 L &amp; N Pedestrian Bridge,<br /> 06/06/2016, VST #7 Losantaville,<br />

7807 2017-01-15 02:49 Bon Echo (user activity216) - Found it

I think the admin might have underestimated the challenge of being FTF on 10 OCNA-only caches, given they are few and far between. Unless you happen to live in one of the few "OCNA Hot-Spots", which I don;t but I'm doing my best to make it one. Took me some time to qualify, which I did today after an epic find on a nearly-7-years-since-hidden-and-never-found OCNA-only cache (6 years, 8 months and 16 days since it was hidden until today when it was finally found)

Qualifying for this cache took finds in 2 Candian Provinces and 4 US states. here are my qualifiers (and I see I join an elite group of aaAlt Site cachers here in logging this one :)

01/14/2017    Babes' On The Bruce
06/07/2016    Hot Spot Webcam
06/06/2016    Seawall Cam
12/24/2015    Riverside
11/08/2015    Downtown Parking BIT Cache
08/24/2015    Barrie City Hall Rink
06/28/2015    Alberta's First Cache!
06/13/2015    Welcome to South Dakota
06/13/2015    Welcome to Minnesota
03/31/2015    Kenmore, N.Y. Little Free Library

6781 2015-11-20 23:00 DudleyGrunt (user activity633) - Found it

These took longer in my OCNA carreer than I thought.  From 8/21/10 to 4/9/11.  Some of the caches in between were crosslisted, but more than I thought were logged by others before I got to it. 

1. Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny? –

2. Odd Spots - A not-so-little mermaid -

3. Fort McHenry National Monument -

4. Our Lord and Savior? -

5. Sacred Ground -

6. Take a Walk at the Zoo -

7. Honoring the Fourth Estate -

8. A View to a Fall -

9. The Remains of the Town -

10. The Franklin Mint Museum - A Piece of the Past -


Thanks and Happy Trails!


6772 2015-11-20 02:57 TermiteHunter (user activity242) - Found it

I'll be FTF here as well.  I found I had far more than needed but here are my FTF's in order from 9/12/10 - 8/13/12 Paint Crew and now for something completely disorganized Paint before you run into the creek 15 1-5 Shave and a haircut Play ball we just have to eat here Charlotte tower BIT WSOC-tv North Carolina Talllest Towers #30