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252 2010-10-14 21:40 BlueEagle23 (user activity6) - Found it

It was already dark out when I saw that a new cache was nearby on the daylight-only Silver Comet Trail, but I decided to go anyway since it didn't look to be far from the trailhead parking lot. I don't know if anybody in the apartments saw me, but waiting for the police to show up and inquire what I was doing on the trail at night with flashlights and a backpack added to the thrill of the hunt.<br /> <br /> I walked the trail to where my GPSr said to go North, then had to look around to figure out the best way to get there.:)Once I got there, my GPSr started jumping around and had me going in circles until I was just about ready to give up. I stood there for a minute contemplating what to do when my GPSr settled down and indicated again that I should be right next to the cache, so I looked down and made the find. Yay!