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VST #3 The Brigade - OU0866

 A monument to the first of their kind in the North.

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N 39° 05.733' W 84° 30.515' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Ohio
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 Waypoint: OU0866


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The Black Brigade was formed in 1862 to construct barricades to defend Cincinnati from Confederate attack. Initially, members of the Black Brigade were forced into service. Then, after a public outcry, 718 African-American men volunteered for the service and formed The Black Brigade which, alongside many other local soldiers, successfully built the critical fortifications in Northern Kentucky.

Take time to walk through this monument. There is much more  to be learned from the many plaques along the route.

A little known fact about the two statues at the end. We had records and photos of what Col. Dickson looked like, but nothing on the soldier who was presented the sword. It was chosen to have the soldier made in the young likeness of the honorable William Mallory, Sr for his efforts to make this monument a reality.

To log this cache, you must enter the answer to the following question in the password: What is resting on the table at the beginning of the monument?

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#12 Air, Water, Wind

#13 What is That?

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#15 Time to Cool Off

Additional Waypoints

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Interesting PlaceN 39° 05.739'
W 84° 30.467'
 Duke Energy Swings. Great place to rest and watch the river life float by. 


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1 06 June 2016 TommyGator Found it

My thirteenth VST find this afternoon, and the place was teeming with other folks enjoying the pleasant evening.  I saw a related historical marker as I biked along the path earlier in the series, but this monument is a whole lot cooler.  Many thanks!
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The Colonel does some caching
The Colonel does some caching