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VST #9 International Gardens - OU086E

 Theodore M Berry International Friendship Park

Hidden by  Those_guys

N 39° 06.380' W 84° 29.570' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Ohio
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 13 July 2015
 Date Created: 13 July 2015
 Last Modified: 12 August 2015
 Waypoint: OU086E


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There is so much to tell of this wonderful park. Named for Cincinnati’s first African-American mayor, it serves as a lasting tribute to world unity and global understanding. The grand design of the park drew its inspiration in part from a child’s friendship bracelet. Two intertwining walkways guide park visitors through gardens of the continents in a perpetual celebration of international peace and friendship. As you enter the gardens, you will notice the two paths, one of nature, represented by a leaf shaped form, and one of man, with square sections. You choose which you want to travel. As you do, take time to look at the impressions left. The park is divided into gardens, each with plant life from the continent of Cincinnati's sister cities. Watch for the safari grass, it is quite tall, and you never know what is hiding in it.

To log this cache you must do the following:

1. Take a picture with you and/or you GPS unit the flags at the entrance of the park.

2. Count the flags and enter the number into the password.

3. Take a picture of the walkway disc that represents your favorite garden.

The Virtual Segway Tour Series

#1 Virtual Segway Tour
#2 Smale Park
#3 The Brigade
#4 Our Queen
#5 Yeatmans Cove
#6 L & N Pedestrian Bridge
#7 Losantaville
#8 The Golden Arches
#9 International Gardens
#10 So Shiny!
#11 Woodhenge
#12 Air, Water, Wind
#13 What is That?
#14 How high can it go?
#15 Time to Cool Off


#1 Virtual Segway Tour

#2 Smale Park

#3 The Brigade

#4 Our Queen

#5 Yeatmans Cove

#6 L & N Pedestrian Bridge

 #7 Losantaville

#8 The Golden Arches

#9 International Gardens

#10 So Shiny!

#11 Woodhenge

#12 Air, Water, Wind

#13 What is That?

#14 How high can it go?

#15 Time to Cool Off


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1 06 June 2016 TommyGator Found it

My fifth find of the VST series today.  I didn't expect the gardens to be so large!  I enjoyed biking through in both directions, allowing me to take both paths.  Many thanks!
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Some flags
Some flags
A cool trail!
A cool trail!