rev. 1076

Retrieve log entries of a specified user
:: services/logs/userlogs method

Minimum Authentication: Level 1 (see Authentication Levels)

Retrieve log entries of a specified user.

user_uuid required

ID of the user. (Use services/users/by_username to get it.)

limit optional

Default value: 20

Integer N. If given, no more than N logs will be returned (the most recent ones). Maximum allowed value is 1000.

Note: Some users have thousands of log entries!

offset optional

Default value: 0

Combined with the limit argument, this gives you an abbility to get all log entries of the user (with multiple requests).

format optional Standard common formatting argument.
callback optional Standard common formatting argument.
Plus required consumer_key argument, assigned for your application.

Returned value:

A list of log entries, ordered by descending date. Each entry is a dictionary of the following format:

  • uuid - ID of the log entry,
  • date - date and time (ISO 8601) when the log entry was submitted.

    Please note that log entries often contain dates only (with the times truncated to midnight, as in the local timezone). In such cases, you may want to avoid displaying the time. You may assume that if the date value contains the "00:00:00" string, then it is date-only.

  • cache_code - code of the geocache,
  • type - string; log type. This could be pretty much everything, but there are some primary types (see logs/entry method for more info).

  • comment - HTML string, text entered with the log entry.