ver. 1958 (4e4db56)

Retrieve information on a single user
:: services/users/user method

Minimum Authentication: Level 1 (see Authentication Levels)
Retrieve information on a single user. This method might be also used to retrieve data of the user in who's name the Access Token have been issued. To do this, include the Access Token in your request, and don't include the user_uuid argument.
fields required

Pipe-separated list of field names which you are interested with. Selected fields will be included in the response. See below for the list of available fields.

user_uuid optional

ID of the user.

This parameter is optional only when you sign your request with an Access Token (Level 3 Authentication). Otherwise, it is required.

format optional Standard common formatting argument.
callback optional Standard common formatting argument.
Plus required consumer_key argument, assigned for your application.

Returned value:

A dictionary of fields you have selected. Currently available fields:

  • uuid - ID of the user,
  • username - username (login) of the user,
  • profile_url - URL of the user's Opencaching profile page,
  • is_admin - deprecated (why?); false when called with Level 3 authentication for the user of your access token, else null.

  • internal_id - internal ID of the user (DO NOT use this! use the uuid as the user identifier),
  • date_registered - date (ISO 8601, no time) indicating when the user has registered his Opencaching account,
  • caches_found - number of "Found it" and "Attended" log entries,
  • caches_notfound - number of "Didn't find it" log entries,
  • caches_hidden - number of caches owned,
  • rcmds_given - number of recommendations given,
  • rcmds_left - number of additional recommendations the user may give, or null if there is no limit. Can be < 0 if "Found it" logs of the user were deleted.
  • rcmd_founds_needed - number of additional finds and/or event attendances the user needs in order to give another recomendation.

  • home_location - home location of the user in the "lat|lon" format (lat and lon are in full degrees with a dot as a decimal point); null if no home location is given in the user's Opencaching profile.

    This value can be accessed only with Level 3 Authentication and only for the user of your Access Token. For all other reads, home_location will equal null.

If given user does not exist, the method will respond with an HTTP 400 error.