ver. 1958 (4e4db56)

Changes to the OKAPI interface or administration

Changes to the interface are always backward compatible. You need not to update your applications after any change. But there may be new recommendations or clarifications (indicated by bold text) on how to use OKAPI methods. Changes referring to OCDE or OCPL only affect one of both Opencaching code branches.

The following changes are available at Opencaching.US:

Version Date Change
1920 2019-05-01
Fixed: attr_acodes output for some OCDE 'Drive-in' and 'Math/Physics' geocaches
1887 2019-01-17
Added the has_ratings field to services/apisrv/installation, and removed the services/caches/capabilities method (why?). This method was not in use yet by any application.
1873 2018-12-17
Fixed: Changed the <time> field of geocaches in GPX files from listing date to hide/event date, consistent with GC and native OC GPX.
1859 2018-12-04
Added options to geocache and log retrieval methods, which allow to choose the subfields of owner and user fields.
1855 2018-11-28
The geocaches' alt_wpts field now includes OCPL hidden-coordinate waypoints. These waypoints are returned with location "0|0". Developers are recommended to hide those null coordinates or show a placeholder like "---".
1853 2018-11-28
Fixed: Geocaches' alt_wpts field now better responds to the langpref option.
1850 2018-11-28

Added new fields country2 and region to services/caches/geocache. They replace the country and state fields, which have been deprecated due to some issues (see the method docs).

Also added formal (not geographical!) verification of country and region data. For some caches with broken data, an empty country and/or region will now be returned.

1837 2018-11-24
Rewritten the explanations and advice on differences between Opencaching sites.
1810 2018-11-18
Added the services/caches/capabilities method, and updated the cache types documentation.
1805 2018-11-17
Added the services/logs/capabilities method. Also added the new fields rcmds_left and rcmd_founds_needed to services/users/user(s).
1798 2018-11-16
Added the GPX options trackables=gc:travelbugs and alt_wpts=desc:table.
1794 2018-11-15
Added new fields to replication: short_descriptions, oc_team_annotation, needs_maintenance and watchers for geocaches; images, location, oc_team_entry, needs_maintenance2, listing_is_outdated, date_created and last_modified for log entries.
1780 2018-11-12
Added the oc_team_annotation option and field to services/caches/geocache(s). OC team annotations now are included by default in cache descriptions.
1779 2018-11-12
Added the search options recommended_only and recommended_by.
1778 2018-11-11
Added the watchers, my_rating and is_recommended fields to services/caches/geocache(s).
1764 2018-11-08
Added the services/logs/edit and services/logs/delete methods.
1754 2018-11-04
Fixed: Also OCDE owners are not allowed to not recommend their own caches.
1748 2018-10-31
Added the status-changing log types Available Ready to search, Temporarily unavailable and Archived to services/logs/submit. (Corrected Available => Ready to search on 2018-11-13.)
1746 2018-10-31
Added the date_created and last_modified fields to services/logs/entry.
1739 2018-10-29
The services/users methods will no longer return true for the is_admin field in any case, because OC installations no longer provide a singular admin flag.
1736 2018-10-26
Fixed: Do not mangle protocol-relative links in cache descriptions and logs.
1735 2018-10-26
Enabled the GPX gc_ocde:attrs option for all OC installations. The pseudo-GS IDs of OC specific attributes now are also requestable via the services/attrs methods.
1723 2018-10-11
Added French translation for OKAPI user messages.
1715 2018-09-20
services/logs/submit now rejects 'Attended' logs that are earlier than the event date.
1682 2017-10-13
Added the user_logs_only option the geocache retrieval methods, and corresponding latest_logs=user option to the GPX download methods.
1677 2017-10-12
Added fields parameter to services/logs/userlogs.
1659 2017-10-06
Added the Opencaching GPX extension. Use ns_oc=true in services/caches/formatters/gpx (or /ggz) to enable it.
1654 2017-10-05
OKAPI can now be deployed via PHP composer to OC sites. See the OCDE repository for a sample implementation.
1641 2017-10-02
services/logs/images/add now returns the URL of the added image.
1623 2017-09-14
Added services/caches/edit for changing geocaches' log passwords.
1564 2017-09-06
Added location field to services/logs/entry.
1545 2017-08-30
Fixed: Submitting OCPL event cache logs now exactly behaves like the native log functions.
1498 2017-08-18
Added options date_created and date_hidden to the services/caches/search order_by parameter.
1459 2017-06-13
The scheme for the installation URLs of several Opencaching sites has changed from http to https.
1398 2017-06-04
Added advice on the length of saved personal notes.
1381 2017-04-25
Documentation tags OCPL and OCDE have been added, informing about different behaviour of OKAPI methods on the two Opencaching code branches.
1337 2016-07-27
Found geocaches are now marked properly in services/caches/formatters/garmin method.
1287 2016-04-24
Added the log_uuids return field to services/logs/submit.
1282 2016-04-23
Some OKAPI installation can be accessed through multiple URLs. The new services/apisrv/installation field okapi_base_urls tells you which URLs are available for this installation.
1260 2016-04-09
Added the Changelog page.
1256 2016-04-05
The is_admin flag for users has been deprecated.
1255 2016-04-05
Improved submitting HTML log entries. The comment_format parameter of services/logs/submit now works consistent and deterministic on all OC sites.
1237 2016-03-31
New methods for adding, editing and deleting log images.
1200 2016-03-17
Consumer keys may be revoked by OC site admins.
1194 2016-03-17
Fixed: services/oauth/authorize will no longer delete Opencaching.DE cookies when called with parameter interactivity=confirm_user.
1184 2016-03-14
OCDE geocache log entries with and without time are more reasonably ordered. Developers are recommended to keep the order as returned by OKAPI instead of ordering by the log date.
1183 2016-03-13
The registration date of users can be retrieved.
1177 2016-03-12
Added the 'needs maintenance' flag to log entries and geocaches. The needs_maintenance option of services/logs/submit has been deprecated; use needs_maintenance2 instead.
1169 2016-03-11
Added Romanian translation.
1154 2016-03-04
For caches with the mark 'listing is outdated' (available only on some OC sites), a corresponding message is prepended to the description field. DO NOT rely on this message being there or having a certain content. It may change in the future.
1145 2016-02-10
The home location of users can be queried, if given in the user's profile (requires OAuth level 3).
1133 2016-01-16
The URL of the OC site's registration page can be retrieved via apisrv/installation.
1132 2016-01-15
Fixed: Restored the namespace definition for GPX.
1131 2016-01-15
Added an advice to the documentation on how to submit log entries without time.
1127 2016-01-14
Allowed to search for multiple users that (not) found a geocache.
1126 2016-01-07
Improved posting plaintext logs on OCPL sites.
1125 2015-12-22
Enabled full 21-bit Unicode for submitting logs on some OC sites.
1119 2015-11-26
Fixed: Solved rare problem when searching by distance or bbox (OKAPI crashed).
1117 2015-09-24
Added the new ignored_status search option which allows to search for caches ignored by the user. This replaces the exclude_ignored option, which has been deprecated.
1115 2015-09-20
There is a new Opencaching.FR website, which is a local view of Opencaching.DE. Use to access it.
1112 2015-09-09
Quicker refreshing of map tiles after geocache name changes.
1101 2015-08-01
Fixed: Return an HTTP 400 when "negative" dates are passed to services/logs/submit.
1100 2015-08-01
Fixed: Improved uuid creation for submitted logs.
1097 2015-08-01
services/caches/map/tile now is available to chosen consumers (closed BETA).
1095 2015-07-31
Fixed: Pipe chars (|) in user names are treated as errors.
1092 2015-07-28
The user's last-login date on the OC site is updated when running OAuth level 3 methods.
1089 2015-07-20
The OKAPI code repository has moved from Google Code to Github.
1074 2015-06-29
When quering the is_watched state of a geocache or searching for watched caches, indirect watches via geocache lists are included. (Geocache lists so far are available only at OCDE and cannot be directly accessed via OKAPI.)
1070 2015-03-29 has been removed from the list of OKAPI installations, because it is too outdated.
1069 2015-03-27
The new powertrail_only option allows to search for caches that are part of a powertrail (on some OC sites). This is a BETA feature, i.e. it may be changed or removed.
1065 2015-03-08
Updated the Introduction page, with additional advices on backward compatibility.
1062 2015-03-08
Interprete intervals of services/caches/search/bbox as greater-side-open instead of closed.
1061 2015-03-02
Fixed: Added missing oauth_token parameter to error redirect.
1059 2015-01-18
Added "stealth required" attribute (A74).
1056 2015-01-09
Fixed: Corrected the attribute assignments of OC.NL 'lost place' (A30 -> A29) and geodetic point (A2).
1053 2014-11-30
OKAPI has been deployed to Opencaching.RO.

This list shows only changes that are considered to be relevant for developers and site admins. Please consult the Git log for a complete history, including older changes. There also is a (discontinued) OKAPI Blog, that documents changes from 2012 to 2015.

OKAPI was started in August 2011 at the OCPL code branch, and it was deployed to the OCDE branch in April 2013.