ver. 1958 (4e4db56)

Retrieve ZIP file for Garmin devices
:: services/caches/formatters/garmin method

Minimum Authentication: Level 1 (see Authentication Levels)

Produce a ZIP file with content compatible with Geocaching-enabled Garmin GPS devices. The general idea is, you should extract the contents of the ZIP file directly into the root directory of your Garmin's internal memory storage (currently it doesn't work if you extract the data to the external MicroSD card). The device will then be filled with all the data we are currently able to fill it with.

Currently, the ZIP file will contain GPX file and all JPEG images associated with the chosen geocaches. Options for the GPX file are fixed, use the services/caches/formatters/gpx method if you want a custom-tailored GPX file.

Important note: The contents of the returned ZIP archive may change in the future. You should not parse the contents, nor assume that they have any specific structure.

Important note: We might be increasing required authentication level for this method to level 2 or 3. You should be prepared for that. Use the highest authentication level you've got. Also, if you want the GPX file to include personal data (like user's notes), you have to use Level 3 Authentication anyway.

cache_codes required

Pipe-separated list of cache codes which you are interested in. No more than 50 codes are allowed. (This limit is smaller than usual, because we're afraid about the sizes of ZIP files produced.) This CAN be an empty string (it will still result in a valid ZIP file).

langpref optional

Default value: en

Pipe-separated list of ISO 639-1 language codes. This indicates the order of preference in which language will be chosen for GPX entities.

images optional

Default value: all

One of the following values:

  • none - no images will be included in the result,
  • all - all images will be included in the result,
  • spoilers - only spoiler images will be included in the result,
  • nonspoilers - only non-spoiler images will be included in the result.
caches_format optional

Default value: gpx

Important note: This is a BETA parameter. It may change in a backward-incompatible manner, or it may even be removed.

This parameter allows you to change the format of the geocache files embedded within the returned archive. One of the following values:

  • gpx - (default) use GPX files. The safest choice - these will work with all Garmin devices, but you might want to switch to the GGZ format to get a better performance.
  • ggz - if set, GGZ files will be used instead of GPX files. Fewer devices support GGZ format, but if your device does, then using them can give you a much better performance. See services/caches/formatters/ggz method for more information on the GGZ format.
location_source optional

Default value: default-coords

Same as in the services/caches/formatters/gpx method.
location_change_prefix optional

Default value: #

Same as in the services/caches/formatters/gpx method.
Plus required consumer_key argument, assigned for your application.

Returned value:

ZIP file. You should extract it's contents directly into the root directory of your Garmin's internal memory storage.