ver. 1958 (4e4db56)

Update personal user notes of a geocache
:: services/caches/save_personal_notes method

Minimum Authentication: Level 3 (see Authentication Levels)

This method allows your users to to change the content of the user's personal note from one value to the other value.

We want you to know the previous value of the personal note, because we feel that your user needs to know what it is exactly that is going to be replaced.

Please note, that we do not require you to know - the old_value parameter is optional. However, if you don't provide it (or provide an obsolete value), then your new_value will be appended to the current personal note instead of replacing it.

Current personal user notes for the geocache can be retrieved using the my_notes field in the services/caches/geocache method.

cache_code required

Code of the geocache.

new_value required

The new content of the note, this also can be an empty string (in this case you indicate that you want the note to be removed).

There's no official length limit for this note, but if you want to be on the safe side, then you can warn your users if they try to submit texts longer that 20k characters (see this discussion).

old_value optional

Default value: (empty string)

The previous content of the note. (The content that you think that you are about to change.)

format optional Standard common formatting argument.
callback optional Standard common formatting argument.
Plus required standard OAuth Consumer signing arguments: oauth_consumer_key, oauth_nonce, oauth_timestamp, oauth_signature, oauth_signature_method, oauth_version. Plus required oauth_token for Token authorization.

Returned value:

A dictionary of the following structure:

  • saved_value - the actual value that was saved. Please note, that this may differ from the new_value you have provided. If the note has been removed, null is returned.
  • replaced - boolean, if true then your new_value had replaced the current user notes. If false the the new_value been appended to the current user notes.