ver. 1958 (4e4db56)

Get the list of all OKAPI attributes (A-codes)
:: services/attrs/attribute_index method

Minimum Authentication: Level 1 (see Authentication Levels)

This method returns all currently defined OKAPI geocache-attributes. It is useful when you want to cache the data on the client-side.

Keep in mind that the number of attributes will grow. Hence, if your application uses multiple OKAPI servers, then it's best to use one of the frequently updated servers for pre-caching attribute data (currently, Opencaching.PL is the most frequently updated installation). Also, you should never assume that you have the complete list cached: A new attribute may be created at any time!

Once an attribute is published via this method, it won't disappear, nor will its meaning change (names and descriptions can be slightly altered though).

langpref optional

Default value: en

Works the same as in the attribute method.
fields optional

Default value: name

Works the same as in the attribute method.
only_locally_used optional

Default value: false

By default, all known attributes are returned - including those which were used a couple of years back, or those which are used by other OC sites (and may perhaps be used by the local OC site in the future). If you're interested only in the attributes *currently used* within *this* Opencaching installation, then you may set this parameter to true.

format optional Standard common formatting argument.
callback optional Standard common formatting argument.
Plus required consumer_key argument, assigned for your application.

Returned value:

A dictionary. All A-codes will be mapped to dictionary keys, and each value will be an object, as described in the attribute method.