ver. 1958 (4e4db56)

Get information on this OKAPI installation
:: services/apisrv/installation method

Minimum Authentication: Level 0 (see Authentication Levels)
Retrieve some basic information about this OKAPI installation.
format optional Standard common formatting argument.
callback optional Standard common formatting argument.
No additional authentication parameters are required.

Returned value:

A dictionary of the following structure:

  • site_url - URL of the Opencaching site which is running the OKAPI installation (usually this looks like "https://www.opencaching.xx/", where xx is a top level domain of a country).

    Note, that sites which do not support HTTPS yet, will return HTTP URL here.

  • okapi_base_url - the recommended base URL to be used when accessing this OKAPI installation (it should be used as a prefix when constructing method URLs).

    Note, that sites which do not support HTTPS yet, will return HTTP URL here.

  • okapi_base_urls - a list of all base URLs allowed to be used when calling OKAPI methods in this installation.

    In theory, once a new base URL appears on this list, it should never disappear (it should be allowed to use it forever). However, for various reasons, we cannot guarantee it will indeed be so. Clients SHOULD use the recommended base URL provided in the okapi_base_url field.

  • site_name - international name of the Opencaching site,
  • okapi_version_number - integer; the version number of the OKAPI instance installed on this Opencaching site, or null, if the version number could not be determined.

    The version number will be incremented with each new revision of OKAPI (that is, after every commit to OKAPI repository).

    You can use it to check if this OKAPI installation will be compatbile with your client application: if the number is equal to or higher than the one you have expected, then it will be compatible.

  • okapi_revision - this is an older alias of okapi_version_number.

    For a number of years, OKAPI used SVN for version control. SVN uses integers for commit IDs. Hence, version numbers and revision numbers were exactly the same thing. (In fact, the okapi_version_number field has been introduced only after OKAPI has been migrated to Git.)

  • git_revision - string, the Git revision of the OKAPI project installed on this Opencaching site, or null, when it could not be determined.
  • registration_url - URL of the Opencaching site's general page for registering a new user account.
  • mobile_registration_url - URL of the Opencaching site's page for registering a new user account, which is optimized for small mobile displays, or null if no separate mobile-optimized page exists.
  • image_max_upload_size - the maximum size (in bytes) of images which can be uploaded via this OKAPI installation. Larger images will be rejected. This value may change in time.

  • image_rcmd_max_pixels - the maximum pixel count (width * height) of uploaded images, which will be accepted without triggering server-side shrinking. (You MAY submit larger images, but they will be downscaled.) This value may change in time.

    Note: Do not rely on images retrieved from this OC site to fit this restriction. Larger images may have been uploaded in the past, or by other means than OKAPI.

  • has_image_positions - boolean, true if this installations supports arbitrary ordering of uploaded images.

  • has_ratings - boolean, true if this installation can store geocache quality ratings. Use the services/logs/capabilities method to find out if a given geocache can be rated.

  • geocache_passwd_max_length - the maximum length of geocache log passwords.