ver. 1958 (4e4db56)

Get information on a given OKAPI service method
:: services/apiref/method method

Minimum Authentication: Level 0 (see Authentication Levels)

This method allows you to access API documentation (the same which you are reading just now). Given a method name, it returns a complete method description.

name required Name of a method (begins with "services/").
format optional Standard common formatting argument.
callback optional Standard common formatting argument.
No additional authentication parameters are required.

Returned value:

A dictionary of the following structure:

  • name - name of the method,
  • short_name - name without a path,
  • issue_id - ID of the "general discussion" issue (in our project's homepage Issue Tracker) associated with this method or null if this method has associated issue,
  • description - HTML-formatted description of what the method does,
  • brief_description - brief (max 80 characters), single-line, plain-text description of what the method does,
  • ref_url - URL of the documentation page with method description,
  • infotags - list of tags. Each tag is represented by its unique code (string). Existence (or absence) of each tag has its meaning. Currently, the following tags are allowed:

    • ocpl-specific - if present, then this method is (currently) specific to OCPL-branch (as described here).

      Please note, that such method may still become a "regular" method in the future (as support for certain feature gets implemented in other OC branches).

    • ocde-specific - as above, but for OCDE-branch.

  • auth_options - a dictionary which describes authentication requirements for this method, it has a following structure:

    • min_auth_level - integer, in range from 0 to 3, see Introduction page.
    • oauth_consumer - true, if requests are required to be signed with OAuth Consumer Key (min_auth_level >= 2),
    • oauth_token - true, if requests are required to include an OAuth Token (min_auth_level == 3).
  • arguments - list of dictionaries, describes method arguments. Each dictionary has a following structure:

    • name - name of an argument,
    • is_required - boolean, true if the argument is required,
    • is_deprecated - boolean, true if the argument is deprecated,
    • description - HTML-formatted description of an argument.
    • class - space separated list of the following values: public, inherited, common-formatting and deprecated (other values might be introduced in future).

      Currently these values do not mean anything specific. They are used for different coloring/styling in the documentation pages.

    • infotags - list of tags. Currently they may have exactly the same values as the "method-level" infotags defined above. They indicate that a particular argument is designed to "work best" on one of the OC branches only.

  • returns - HTML-formatted description method's return value.