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Cache Ranking by Number of Finds
  Ranking    Number Found    Cache Name (User Name)  
  1    29  Infiltrator (TermiteHunter)
  2    25  Infiltrator BIT (TermiteHunter), MAGC Ammo Can Roll Call (DudleyGrunt)
  3    23  Cache Retrieval Vehicle Rolling BITcache (DudleyGrunt)
  4    21  Introduction to OpenCaching North America (DudleyGrunt)
  5    20  OCNA Challenge Cache - Finder Level 1 (OCNAChallenges)
  6    19  OCNA Challenge Cache - Finder Level 2 (OCNAChallenges), The Walrus (TermiteHunter)
  7    18  A Cool Cache and Store (SCGA01), OCNA Challenge Cache - They found it! Level 1 (OCNAChallenges)
  8    16  It all started here! (sfcchaz)
  9    15  OCNA Challenge Cache - Creator Level 1 (OCNAChallenges)
  10    14  OCNA Challenge Cache - 5 Years of OCNA Caching (OCNAChallenges), Open Target (TermiteHunter), Quercus Humongous (Borst68), Wet Paint (therapaint), WTF BIT Albemarle Rd (TermiteHunter)
  11    13  OCNA Challenge Cache - Half Alphabet Challenge (cache names) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - I get around (Finder level 1) (OCNAChallenges), Paint Crew (therapaint), SNOW Storm 1 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 6 (TermiteHunter)
  12    12  Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (TermiteHunter), Mint Hill Town Hall Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 1 (OCNAChallenges), Open Grid (TermiteHunter)
  13    11  And Now For Something Completely Disorganized (therapaint), Gulf Wilderness Park: The Creepy Red Trail (Borst68), James K. Polk Birthplace (TermiteHunter), Live Music Exchange (TermiteHunter), M296 is Lost, but not Forgotten (JIJeffreys), Man of Steel (FailedApparatus), NC Champion Tree - Willow Oak - Union County (stargatekrewe), Open Warning (TermiteHunter), Pembroke Park Cache (Sabrefan7), sfcchaz's Roaming BIT-mobile (sfcchaz), SNOW Storm 17 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 7 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 8 (TermiteHunter), The Amazing 4 in one Cache (PZ Dude), The Caching Dead (TermiteHunter)
  14    10  Battle of Charlotte (bamafan323), Belva Lockwood (GOF), GCGC BIT (HB31), Genesee County Park #3 Green Forestry Trail (Sabrefan7), HOMELAND: Brodey House (TermiteHunter), If you've got the time...we've got the, uh, cache (bamafan323), KP Park (FailedApparatus), Matthews Time Capsule (HB31), Mobile Mole Hole - Washington, DC, USA (DudleyGrunt), Mr. Yuck's Alero moving BITcache (Mr.Yuck), NativTxn's Event Cache (NativTxn), OCNA Challenge Cache - Creator Level 2 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Recommendations (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 1) (OCNAChallenges), SNOW Flurry 3 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 15 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 16 (TermiteHunter), TermiteHunter XD - (GCGC) (TermiteHunter), That's the Spirit! (bamafan323), The Truth Is Out There (TermiteHunter)
  15    9  8-BIT Caching: Wall of Trees (FailedApparatus), A Unique Walk in Akron (Sabrefan7), Bond Lake Park - Upper Escarpment (Mr.Yuck), Charlotte Tower BIT - May Street (stargatekrewe), Downtown Snook (NativTxn), Erie Canal Museum - Lockport, N.Y. (Mr.Yuck), Good for Your Soul #1 (DudleyGrunt), Gulf Wilderness Park: The Creepy Red Trail - The Sequel (Borst68), GWP: The Creepy Red Trail Bonus - The Final Chapter (Borst68), Helping pass the time while at the Atlanta Airport (GA Cacher), Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler (NativTxn), NativTxn's GeoMobile (NativTxn), OCNA Challenge Cache - I get around (Finder level 2) (OCNAChallenges), Open Trunk (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 1 (TermiteHunter), To Infinity and Beyond (TermiteHunter), Town of Tonawanda Veterans Memorial (Mr.Yuck), Why are they there? (Mr.Yuck), Yucko's OCNA Moving Cache #1 (Mr.Yuck)
  16    8  "S"slimey "S"surprise (EASTXCOP), A True Metal Head (FailedApparatus), All Around the Brazos Valley (NativTxn), Bonfire Memorial (NativTxn), Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw! (FailedApparatus), Charlotte Tower BIT - CBS Radio (stargatekrewe), CMPD Canopy (FailedApparatus), Downtown Virtual (SparrowsGold), Florence's 80th Birthday Bash Cache (DJCreekCachers), Fort McHenry National Monument (sfcchaz), Giant Metal Chicken of Death (Borst68), Glen Falls Park (GOF), Harmonic Convergence (Sabrefan7), Hope Chest (NativTxn), Logger II BIT (TermiteHunter), Maryland's Final Tribute (DudleyGrunt), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 1.3 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 2 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 3 (OCNAChallenges), Old Town Tour #5 - You Make The Call (networkcacher), Out of Retirement: Switcharoo (rvstauff), Russell Park (Cski), Self-Served (projectyogurt), SNOW Storm 19 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 2 (TermiteHunter), St. Patrick's Cathedral (SparrowsGold), To Hell and Back (flyingmoose), Two if by land... (GOF)
  17    7  "World's Worst Martin Luther King Statue" (FailedApparatus), A Dinosaur Named Sue? (Rayman), A Mares Rest (NativTxn), Aggie Pit Stop (NativTxn), assembly plant blues part 2 (mike380), Boy Scouts of America Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), Brazos River Levee (NativTxn), Bring Your Lunch (EASTXCOP), Como se Llama? (FailedApparatus), Ellicott Creek Park Footbridge (Avery's Cache) (Mr.Yuck), Ellicott Creek Park Frolf (Mr.Yuck), Ether Quest (TermiteHunter), Genesee County Alms House -Rolling Hills Asylum (Sabrefan7), God Bless the Farmer! (NativTxn), Hezekiah Alexander Homesite (TermiteHunter), Lafayette Square (GOF), Niagara Square (GOF), North Carolina's Tallest Towers (#30) (stargatekrewe), OCNA Challenge Cache - Creator Level 3 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Finder Level 3 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Half Alphabet Challenge (owner names) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - I get around (Hider level 1) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 1.5 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Combination (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - They found it! Level 2 (OCNAChallenges), Odd Spots - Just for the spite of it (donbadabon), Park Lane (NativTxn), RR Knutz: Guinea Station (Cachew Knutz), SNOW Flurry 2 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 22 (TermiteHunter), Some Bushwhacking Required - SW Ohio's 1st OC Geocache (DJCreekCachers), Spirit Quest: Remember Forever (Mother Wolf), The Chrome Dome (TermiteHunter), The Orb (FailedApparatus), Thermo-Con House (DudleyGrunt), Timeline (FailedApparatus), Tri-Bull Council (FailedApparatus), Two mile multi (Mr.Yuck), WTF BIT Indian Trail (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Matthews (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Mint Hill (TermiteHunter)
  18    6  100 (TermiteHunter), A View to a Windmill. (GOF), A Virtual Made in the Mist (DudleyGrunt), Barely Hidden (Bare Oaks), Brick Kids (CCG99), Brother, Can You Spare a Lime? (NativTxn), Called to Serve at St. Joe's (DotsonFamily), Cambria's Hillside Cemetery (Mr.Yuck), Cliché Cache (rob3k), Colossal Cloisonne' Cackleberry (5BizzyBs), Como Lake Cache (Sabrefan7), Cookies (FailedApparatus), Cross-Trainer (GOF), Cul-de-Sac Cache (abercrombie), Culp's Hill Tower (DudleyGrunt), Express Cache: Back From The Dead (TermiteHunter), Eye of the Needle (FailedApparatus), First in Flight (obxgeek), Genesee County Park Interpretive Center (Sabrefan7), Gig 'em Geocachers! (NativTxn), Glen Falls (GOF), Gnomes: Keepers of the Cache (NativTxn), Good for Your Soul #2 (DudleyGrunt), Grand Ole Tree (NativTxn), Historic Batavia (Sabrefan7), Historic Rosedale (TermiteHunter), History Knutz: Stroke of Misfortune (Cachew Knutz), HOMELAND: CIA Headquarters (TermiteHunter), J.C. Matteson Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Liebler-Rohl Gasoline Station (GOF), Logger II (TermiteHunter), Logger Mint Hill (QueensGrantMusic), LWT: B&O Railroad Station (DudleyGrunt), Matthews Market (Mrs. HB31), Mexican Food That Gives You Gas (NativTxn), Mind the Bollards (rvstauff), Mint Hill Historic Village Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), Mint Hill Korean War Memorial Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), Mr. Incognito - (GCGC) (TermiteHunter), Natureview Park (GOF), OCNA Challenge Cache - First To Find Hound (Level 1) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Seasonal Cacher (Winter) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 2) (OCNAChallenges), OCUS 1 Year Anniversary BIT (NativTxn), Open Forest (TermiteHunter), Open Hole (TermiteHunter), Out of Retirement: Stick it to ya (rvstauff), Passion For Purple (NativTxn), Razorbacks, Go Hogs! & Woo Pig Sooie! (DJCreekCachers), RR Knutz: Dahlgren (Cachew Knutz), Sharkgirl (Mr.Yuck), Shave & a Haircut...? (Geovangelist), SNOW Flurry 4 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 6 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 12 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 13 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 21 (TermiteHunter), Sol (sfcchaz), Steele's Store Community (NativTxn), Suburbs of Snook (NativTxn), Symphony Circle (GOF), The Clay Place (NativTxn), The Ellicott Square Building (GOF), The Lancaster Opera House (GOF), The Power of Observation (helena5), To S.E.R.V.E. Man (Robbitandpaul), Upper Niagara River Bit Cache #1 (Mr.Yuck), Welcome to (NE) Maryland on I-95 (Chesapeake) (DudleyGrunt), Welcome to the Kenilworth Veterans Center! (SparrowsGold), WTF BIT The Trail (TermiteHunter)
  19    5  401 Triad Ex (teamvoyagr), 424 (DudleyGrunt), ??????????? ???????? ???????? /Traveling nesting Matryoshkas (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas2 (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas3 (ithink314), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas5 (ithink314), A Memorial to our Veterans and our Father! (SparrowsGold), A Tribute to Hugh (FailedApparatus), A view of Strawberry Island. (GOF), A Weary Traveler Revived (DudleyGrunt), Animal Tracks - Bear (NativTxn), Anti-MICRO-bial (NativTxn), Aquatic Birds at Times Beach (GOF), aTm From Above (NativTxn), bangs ruff mica (bearmoose), Bearmouth Gold Camp (mugglekilla), Belvoir Plantation (DudleyGrunt), BM0955 COLLEGE STA TEX A AND M DOME (NativTxn), Bombers Away (NativTxn), Boonville BIT (NativTxn), Colt's Trackable Hostel (NativTxn), Country Corner (flower71), Defending Freedom At Home (DudleyGrunt), Discount Shade (NativTxn), End of Traditions (NativTxn), Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometime (BornLoserMan), Faith (Sam Gott), Flocking to Times Beach (GOF), Food Knutz: Joe's Crab Shack (Cachew Knutz), Four Corners Monument (kingbee), Freedom Crossing (GOF), Freedom Park Bandshell Virtual (yamiyugi00), Good For Your Soul #4 (DudleyGrunt), Hard Map to Read (tamuron), History Knutz: Ships Passing In The Night (Cachew Knutz), History Knutz: You Can Teach Yourself Banjo (Cachew Knutz), Humphrey Cemetery (Sabrefan7), Igpay atwhay? (spstanley), Integrity, Service, Excellence (rob3k), Jeannie Days at the Carnival Club (history-cacher), Joseph Beuys Sculpture Park Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Joseph Davis State Park (GOF), Lions Park (EASTXCOP), Loretto Chapel (Matt.T), Millican Scouts - Where Eagles Soar (DotsonFamily), Mound Hill School (NativTxn), Munzee Mall Mania (NativTxn), National Capitals - Washington, DC, USA (DudleyGrunt), NativTxn's GeoKret Hotel (NativTxn), Nowak Pier No. 7 (Mr.Yuck), O.C.D. (SoccerFanatics), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 2.3 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 3.3 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Seasonal Cacher (Fall) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Seasonal Cacher (Spring) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Seasonal Cacher (Summer) (OCNAChallenges), OCUS FTF (TermiteHunter), Odd Spots - A not-so-little mermaid (donbadabon), Odd Spots - What’s the Skinny? (donbadabon), Open Park (leaton), Play Ball (cclip), Project Nike (GOF), Ridges of Chestnut (Cayuga Crew), River Lea (GOF), Say Cheese! Bit Cache (DudleyGrunt), Serendipity (NativTxn), Snook Park (NativTxn), SNOW Drift 4 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 10 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 7 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 9 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 14 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 18 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 20 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 23 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 9 (TermiteHunter), Sparrows_Gold's Traveling BIT Cache! (SparrowsGold), Taft Memorial & Carillon (DudleyGrunt), Tanglewood Splash Network (EASTXCOP), The Apple and the Clamp (GoinPostNet), The Cyclorama Building (GOF), The New Castle (Mrs. HB31), The Pond at Foxchase (sfcchaz), The Village of Williamsville, NY (GOF), The Watcher (TermiteHunter), The Writer's Desk (HB31), Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site (GOF), Think Tank #1 (datritle), Toronto's Inukshuk (entogeek), Town of Amherst (GOF), Trinity Episcopal Church (GOF), Trip Trop Part Three... (czar7), Unique (EASTXCOP), William Henry Patterson (5BizzyBs), WTF BIT Indian Land (HB31), WTF BIT JBA (DudleyGrunt)
  20    4  844 coin bank too close (PZ Dude), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas4 (ithink314), A Hero Remembered (DudleyGrunt), A rose is a rose is a.... (bpratt), A View to a Fall (rob3k), Across the County Line (NativTxn), Airport Overlook (Mrs. HB31), An Armored Vehicle in Frederick (DudleyGrunt), Annie Cooper Boyd - JJML #2 (JJMLibrary), Antioch Colony (flower71), Arachnophobia (FailedApparatus), As the World Turns (FailedApparatus), ASP Stone Tower (Sabrefan7), Audubon (Team Four Paw), Baltimore County's Statue of Liberty (nighthawk700), Barely OCC (Oakland Community College) (DougPeterson), BIG RED CACHE (QueensGrantMusic), Birchfield Nature and Art Center (GOF), Bison in the Woods (NativTxn), BM0881 ELGIN MUNICIPAL TANK (NativTxn), BM1057 CALDWELL MUNICIPAL TANK (NativTxn), Bollman Iron Truss Bridge (DudleyGrunt), Brazos Bottom Baptist Church Cemetery (NativTxn), Buckhorn Island State Park (GOF), BVG Event Cache (BV Geocachers), BVG Letterbox (BV Geocachers), Canal Concrete waterfall structure BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), Cheektowaga Historical Society (GOF), Cluck! Cluck! (TeamPEZ), Colonial Circle (GOF), Cycleangela's Roaming Event Cache (cycleangela), Dethroned King (NativTxn), Disco Chicken (Mrs. HB31), Disco Wheel (Mrs. HB31), Double Dipper Cache (DudleyGrunt), Drive-By Caching: Restaurant Row (NativTxn), Dylan's Cache Stash (cycleangela), Edith L. Moore (Team Four Paw), El Lobo - (GCGC) (TermiteHunter), Evil Island (Cski), Evil Spirits... (GOF), Fly-By Caching (flower71), Food Knutz: Primavera Pizzeria & Grill (Cachew Knutz), GCC Nature Trail Letterbox (Sabrefan7), Glebe Cam (rob3k), Hankering for Henkels Bit Cache (DudleyGrunt), Happy Trails Bit Cache (DudleyGrunt), Harpersfield Covered Bridge BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), Heritage Square (NativTxn), Hidden in Plain Sight (NativTxn), History Knutz: Innoventions (Cachew Knutz), Holey Cache #1 (QueensGrantMusic), Holey Cache #2 (QueensGrantMusic), Holey Cache #3 (QueensGrantMusic), Honoring the Fourth Estate (rob3k), Hounds interurban micro series "#2" (cache-hounds), I Just Climbed Out of a Cottonwood Tree (NativTxn), John's Waterfall (NativTxn), Karl and Kristina (tansey), La Plaza de Spana (ijeep), Liftin' our LEG! (hockeyhick), Longstreet Farm (Ericles), Looking out my window... (DotsonFamily), LWT: Early Methodism in Laurel (DudleyGrunt), LWT: Laurel Museum (DudleyGrunt), Medal of Honor - Laddie Stupka (DudleyGrunt), Medal of Honor - Loudon Park (DudleyGrunt), Millican Scouts - What Boys Are Made Of (DotsonFamily), Mint Hill Moving Cache (QueensGrantMusic), Mint Hill Moving Pill Bottle (QueensGrantMusic), Mint Hill Musical BIT #1 (QueensGrantMusic), Moccasin Island Crossing (zstatman), MPEA - Connecting the Trails (DudleyGrunt), Mr.Yuck's Echo Moving BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), No Pen Required (TermiteHunter), No Trespassing... (czar7), North Carolina's Tallest Towers (#2) (stargatekrewe), Nowak Pier No. 1 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 2 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 3 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 4 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 5 (Mr.Yuck), Nowak Pier No. 6 (Mr.Yuck), OCNA Challenge Cache - Creator Level 4 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - First To Find Hound (Level 2) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - I get around (Hider level 2) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 2.5 (OCNAChallenges), Odd Spots - Spaceship House (DudleyGrunt), Off The Grid in Suburbia (networkcacher), Ohio's High Point (Mr.Yuck), Old Gay Hill School (NativTxn), One Large Gas Bubble (sfcchaz), Open Race (TermiteHunter), Open Waters (TermiteHunter), Original Washington Monument (DudleyGrunt), Our Family Tree (Robbitandpaul), Our Lord and Savior? (flyingmoose), Over The Fence (Pirate Rat), Pallotti Webcam (DudleyGrunt), Patuxent Branch Geo(logy)cache (DudleyGrunt), Rectangle (Sparks), Reformed Mennonite Church (GOF), Road to Nowhere (tamuron), Route 40 - Town Hill Overlook (cycleangela), RVRT 1 - It's Always Spring Here! (sonicsix), RVRT 2 - Tannehill Ironworks Park (sonicsix), Scrub Jay (FSUDad), SNOW Storm 10 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 11 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 3 (TermiteHunter), Soldiers Place (GOF), Something Simple (TermiteHunter), Spirit of Victory (GOF), Stop before you drive into the creek! (stargatekrewe), Take me to the Beach! (obxgeek), Texauisiana Cache (ijeep), The Alex Haley Memorial (sfcchaz), The Greenspring Quarry (nighthawk700), The Hermitage Hotel (jeffbouldin), The National Rifle Association Firearms Museum (donbadabon), The Patriot (DudleyGrunt), The Temple of Tolerance (Mr.Yuck), Third Rock from the Sun (sfcchaz), Tifft Blind (GOF), Tiny Church - Our Lady of the Pines (cycleangela), To Lift A Nation (DudleyGrunt), Treasure at Land's End (DudleyGrunt), Vietnam Veterans Memorial Virtual (QueensGrantMusic), Wally World Wood Village (N7MFT), WallyWorld (NC*) (DNeuwir), webcam cache (mystery) (oconly), Western New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Frank Broughton), Wisconsin's Rustic Roads (The Searchers), World War II Memorial (cycleangela), WSQ Chief Oshkosh (glorkar)
  21    3   Longest Covered Bridge BIT Cache (Mr.Yuck), "Open" Gate (DudleyGrunt), #1 Michigan -Falling Water Park (beenhere), ...but the Cache Department is MINE! (team_goobie), 5041 BIT Cache (web-ling), 8-BIT Caching: Princess of Hyrule (FailedApparatus), ??????????? ???????? ????????/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas6 (ithink314), A Cache in the Hand is Worth Two in the Busch's (DougPeterson), A Grand view (Camroo), A Tank in Thurmont (DudleyGrunt), A Tank on the Susquehanna (DudleyGrunt), A Tour Through Air & Space (DudleyGrunt), A WebCam at Towson University (sfcchaz), ACES #7: Look! Up in the Sky! (TheLostDogs), ACES: Cougar & Dash (TheLostDogs), ACES: Eratosthenes (TheLostDogs), ACES: NOVAGO (TheLostDogs), ACES: Puzzling Cougars (TheLostDogs), ACES: Tupperware in the Woods! (TheLostDogs), ACES: Virtual Railroads (TheLostDogs), Along Old Nags Head -Nature- Road (obxgeek), Ames Monument (stargatekrewe), Amherst's Amazing Talking Toilet (Mr.Yuck), An Archangel in Brookville (DudleyGrunt), Animal Tracks - Homosapien (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Horse (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Pig (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Raccoon (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Tiger (NativTxn), Another Return to Fox Chase (OC) (sfcchaz), Armistead (NativTxn), Art and the Outdoors (BlindTyldak), Austin Musicians' Cache (Suchmann), B&A Trail Challenge (Astronut42), Baltimore Immigration Depot (cycleangela), Banshee: The CADI & Miles' Diner (TermiteHunter), Banshee: The Forge (TermiteHunter), Beacon Pond (teamvoyagr), Bike N Seek (NativTxn), Bon Echo’s OCT Cache (Bon Echo), Bon Secours Spiritual Center Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Brazos Valley Geocachers AAH End Point BIT (BV Geocachers), Brick Dome (NativTxn), Bridge View/Mr. Yuck's Private Beach (Mr.Yuck), Burleson County Fairgrounds (DotsonFamily), BVG Adopt-a-Highway (BV Geocachers), Cache Collective (BV Geocachers), Castleman's Ferry (obxgeek), CBEC Visitors Center Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Charlotte Tower BIT - WBT Radio (stargatekrewe), Cinnamon's Bark (Krips Curves), Cold Springs Woodland Romp (bigdog421), Collingswood Webcam Cache (Ericles), Cycleangela's Geo-Ride Moving BIT Cache (cycleangela), Delaware's Highest Point (Mr.Yuck), Devil's Slide (Lord Mot), Don't Take Any... (DudleyGrunt), Double Bass - a large musical instrument (QueensGrantMusic), Dylan To The Rescue (cycleangela), Easter Egg Hunt: Black Egg (The Anaheim Pirates), Elgin Depot (Bicycle_Junkie), Ellicot Creek Park Casino (GOF), Five Finger Discount (Cayuga Crew), flower71's Event Cache (flower71), For the Birds (DudleyGrunt), Founder's Park Cache (DougPeterson), Founder's Park No. 2 Cache (DougPeterson), Freedom of Conscience (DudleyGrunt), Fuller Indian Mounds (history-cacher), Go Big Red (geohiker), Gotcha! (GOF), Greene County Courthouse (Bernoulli), Gun of Independence (NativTxn), H.A.C. -Orienteering (Tape worm), He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown! (DudleyGrunt), Healing Garden Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), Henry Packer Deering - JJML #3 (JJMLibrary), Heritage Park (NativTxn), Holy Cow! (GerIRL), Hounds interurban micro series "#1" (cache-hounds), Hounds interurban micro series "#3" (cache-hounds), I Love Chicago! - The Fountain of The Great Lakes (Panther in the Den), In the Corner - Franklin Park (obxgeek), Islands (DudleyGrunt), jean paul gaultier (roguelider), Just off 365 (Geohiker55), Keen Ice (Geohiker55), Kenmore, N.Y. Little Free Library (Mr.Yuck), L'Ére des Glaciers (VE2YWS), La Première Évêché (claude144), Late Cache - Searching For A Lady Bug (DudleyGrunt), Like an Eternal Flame (lacwitt), Locks 34 & 35 Webcam - Lockport, N.Y. (Mr.Yuck), Longview (NativTxn), Making a difference (DotsonFamily), Memorial Day Heroes (tripman1), Michigan Pioneer Trail (beenhere), Middle Patuxent Overlook (sfcchaz), Miller-Cory House Museum (GerIRL), Mint Hill Doctor Museum Guest Book (QueensGrantMusic), Momma's Boy (CrazySanMan), Monument Hill State Historical Site Guest Book (NativTxn), Mount Albion Cemetery (Sabrefan7), MSC Webcam (NativTxn), National Capitals - Ottawa, ON, Canada (DudleyGrunt), National Corvette Museum Webcam (The Scorpio), National Vigilance Park (Astronut42), NativTxn's Pathtag Palace (NativTxn), North Farmington Cemetery Cache (DougPeterson), Not so Frustrating Opencache (bigdog421), OCNA Challenge Cache - Lonely Cache Level 3.5 (OCNAChallenges), Ohio's First Dead Drop!!! (Bernoulli), Old Farmington Road (DougPeterson), One Large Red Dot (sfcchaz), One Square Yard (pappyhuz), Onion Rings (FailedApparatus), Open Meadows (leaton), Open Pricing (TermiteHunter), Open Wall (TermiteHunter), Open Whistler (TermiteHunter), Out of Retirement: SNOW Storm 1 (rvstauff), Over The River (littlepod), PBP - Chambersburg, PA (DudleyGrunt), Perk and News Again (vonjoekasey), PG Lost Places (4freds), Pohick Loop Trail (DudleyGrunt), Pop a Top Again (NativTxn), President Cleveland at the Indian River Hotel (history-cacher), Princess Loves To Hike (DudleyGrunt), Reinstein Woods (GOF), Riverside-Salem Church BIT (Mr.Yuck), Rockin' The Paradise Bit Cache (sfcchaz), Sacred Ground (rob3k), Salmon Ruins, NM (kingbee), Santa's Post Office (DJCreekCachers), SC Rest Areas - Fort Mill I-77 SB (stargatekrewe), Seawall Cam (NativTxn), Shopton Road Threeway (shannan0), Simcoe's Carillon Tower (simrebel), Sleeping Giant (Thot), Snook Cemetery (NativTxn), SNOW Drift 1 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Flurry 11 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 25 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 26 (TermiteHunter), Soft Kitty Warm Kitty (cycleangela), South Oak Lake (spstanley), Southwind Trail - Circle of Life (cycleangela), Step Inside, Walk This Way (DudleyGrunt), Stumptown Webcam (HB31), Take Me Away (cycleangela), The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum (GOF), The House of Bat (Fledermaus), The Remains of the Town (rob3k), There Be Dragons Here Series: Aqua Imperator (HeadHardHat), This Bud's For You (NativTxn), Tickled Pink (R of JARS), To The Rescue (DudleyGrunt), Traditional Mint Hill Park Cache (QueensGrantMusic), Train Knutz: The One Mile Railroad (Cachew Knutz), Twin Angel (kingbee), Utility Pole Clue (Dale), Vieux Baie-Comeau - Le Centre Ville (VE2YWS), Watch out for Beavers (flower71), Watershed Park Artesian Well (Wet_Coaster), Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas (None), Welcome to Morrow County, Ohio (jackrob), Welcome to Snook (NativTxn), Where The Buffalo Roam (NativTxn), Where The Deer & The Antelope Play (NativTxn), Where the Sidewalk Ends 3 - New vs Old (sfcchaz), Why Do Cats Climb Trees? (Bernoulli), Winthrop University - West Center (GoinPostNet), WTF BIT Cambridge (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Monroe Icon (stargatekrewe), WTF BIT More Trucking (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Old Charlotte (stargatekrewe), WTF BIT Welsh (stargatekrewe), WTF BIT Xenia (west) (Bernoulli), WTF BIT: Johns Hopkins (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT: Laurel Park (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT: Maple Lawn (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT: Scaggsville (DudleyGrunt)
  22    2   Norwegian Lady Webcam (Mr.Yuck), 2-DOP (Allegany State Park Stone Tower) (Bon Echo), 4.7 Keep (Contra1971), A Good Place (DudleyGrunt), A Guest Book at the American Visionary Art Museum (sfcchaz), A Mighty Oak in the Open (zstatman), A Pine Romance (DJCreekCachers), A Stroll in 100 (Johmer and Tinks), A Sturdy Oak Standing the Test of Time (zstatman), A Tank in Grasonville (DudleyGrunt), A Tank in Millsboro (DudleyGrunt), A Token View (DudleyGrunt), A walk in the Park (ania8151), ABQ (k3iv), ACC Clocktower (tripman1), ACES: William Boyce (TheLostDogs), AeroDyn Technologies Wind Tunnels (ithink314), Almost the Deadly End (ithink314), Along the path - Franklin Park (obxgeek), Amazing! (The Raven), Amid the Sentinels (DudleyGrunt), an Gorta Mor, The Great Hunger (Sabrefan7), Animal Tracks - Bird (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Cats and Dogs (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Deer (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Rabbit (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Squirrel (NativTxn), Annapolis Maritime Museum (DudleyGrunt), Anyone In RI doing OCUS? 1st OCUS in RI! (Yawppy), Armand Bayou Nature Center (Betty), Ascendus (FailedApparatus), Aztec Monument letterbox (kingbee), Aztec Ruins, NM (kingbee), Black Hawk (R of JARS), Blocked (gundark2000), Bloomfield Murals (kingbee), Bloomfield Visitor Center (kingbee), Books & Bikes (alongthepike), Bourbon Steet Webcam (ijeep), Bowie Veterans Memorial Park (cycleangela), BPL: Home Town Ties (CodeJunkie), Brazos Co. Line #2 (tamuron), Bulletproof (ithink314), Bureau of Reclamation BM - 12 (dexteri), Bureau of Reclamation BM - 5 - (dexteri), Burleson County Bridges - Yegua Creek (NativTxn), Cache of Caches (DonTheGeek), Cacher Training: Multi (Militescriste), Caching is a moveable feast (Wet_Coaster), Caledonia Bridge Virtual (Camroo), Caledonia Mill Virtual (Camroo), Caledonia Train Bridge Virtual (Camroo), Camroo's First Moving Cache! (Camroo), Carhenge (FailedApparatus), Celtic High Cross (FailedApparatus), Ceres (sfcchaz), Certified Professional Cache (lowedown78), Charging Bull (FailedApparatus), Chico's Challenge (Stefanelli), Clingman's Dome Tower (KnowsOpie), Confederate Women of Maryland (DudleyGrunt), Cur Cache (Granite101), Dahlonega Pathtag Hostel (mtnlife), Daisy BB Gun Museum (TnT), Daredevil Museum of Niagara Falls BIT (Mr.Yuck), Dead Drop Cache 2 - You Win! (sfcchaz), Delicate Arch (Lord Mot), Disney's Princess Returns (DudleyGrunt), Don't ask, act! (Xero419), Down By The River (DudleyGrunt), Downtown Parking BIT Cache (simrebel), Dylan Goes to Savage Park (cycleangela), EBTC Cache (BlunoMars), Elk X-ing (DudleyGrunt), Enough with the jokes! (sfcchaz), Farmington Childrens Museum (flamedogss1), Farmington Museum (flamedogss1), Fauntleroy Cloverdale Webcam (FunnyNose), Fisherman's Memorial (Wet_Coaster), Flight 3407 Memorial (Mr.Yuck), Fountain of Knowledge (DudleyGrunt), Four Mile Creek Cache (web-ling), Fourth Street City Park (cycleangela), Free Little Guest Book (ithink314), Galveston Beach Cam (NativTxn), Gates Circle (GOF), Geo1 (kenelson424), Geo2 (kenelson424), Geo3 (kenelson424), Geo4 (kenelson424), Geo5 (kenelson424), Geo6 (kenelson424), GeoPoker Recycle (Astronut42), Gobble Gobble (None), Good Luck to our Chinese Folks (flower71), Grauman's Chinese Theater (tripman1), Gregg County North in Spring Hill (EASTXCOP), Gulpha Gorge Campground, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas (DJCreekCachers), H.A.C. -Star Scout (Tape worm), Hack Me v1.0 (The Anaheim Pirates), Hanging around by the lake... (sonicsix), Hashawha's Birds of Prey (cycleangela), Hawaii's Tallest Tower (stargatekrewe), Heritage Hotel (DougPeterson), Highway Cache (tripman1), Hil-duh! (kodor), Historic Key West (KnowsOpie), HOMELAND: Stakeout (TermiteHunter), Horn's Bar Webcam on Mackinac Island (Cyclops), Hot Spot Webcam (NativTxn), Howe Farm Park - Port Orchard, WA. 98366 (Fledermaus), I'd Rather Be Camping (NativTxn), I'm going down to Yasgur's farm (PTBilly), In honor of our fathers (Shreklets), In the outback (simrebel), Indiana's High Point (Mr.Yuck), Inner Harbor Webcam (DudleyGrunt), It takes Two (mtnlife), John15.1-5 (abercrombie), Just a Cache in the Woods (TermiteHunter), Just Another Cache In The Wall (MickEMT), Kernan Healing Garden Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), King's Highway BIT (NativTxn), Lake Hancock Lookout (KASCAN), Lee & Jackson (DudleyGrunt), Leetown Park Cache (obxgeek), Lefferts Lakeside (Ericles), Legion Post No. 665/Hamlin House Restaurant (Mr.Yuck), Lets stop here for the night (cclip), Letterbox Maryland Wye Oak (hannahgood), LFL (Astronut42), Lodwick Hardenbrook (jackrob), Logger (TermiteHunter), Louisiana Circle (TheMagnoliaState), LWT: Laurel All-Stars (DudleyGrunt), LWT: Laurel Cotton Mill & Dam (DudleyGrunt), Lynn River Virtual (Camroo), Maryland SNOW Storm 1 (DudleyGrunt), Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial (sfcchaz), Maryland Wye Oak (hannahgood), Mid-Cities Rapid Transit #1 (kedge), Mike's Memorial Cache (bamafan323), Mint Hill BIT #1 (QueensGrantMusic), Mostly Mozart, Basically Bach (Likesheet), Mt Washington Arboretum Guestbook (DudleyGrunt), MtElbert summit (kingbee), Multi-cache in Mint Hill (QueensGrantMusic), Munzee Fun in Mint Hill (QueensGrantMusic), Nano LPC (ex135nav), National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Chapel (DudleyGrunt), Natural Bayou Systems (geohiker), NC Rest Areas - Kitty Hawk US 158 (stargatekrewe), NEW MEXICO VIRTUAL #3 (Team Tuxawuxa), Nice Quiet Road Cache (PTBilly), No Solution (rehobch), North Carolina's Tallest Towers (#28) (stargatekrewe), North Carolina's Tallest Towers (#8) (stargatekrewe), Not Just Another Benjamin (tripman1), NWVC 1 - Waterfowl Wonders (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 2 - Cash Lake Cache (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 3 - Pollinators & Amphibians Abound (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 5 - Conservation Champions (DudleyGrunt), NWVC 6 - Fun in Forests (DudleyGrunt), Oakfield West End (The Searchers), Oakwood Cemetery Cache (DougPeterson), OCD Ontario - Harris Street Cemetery (Ingersoll) (Bon Echo), Oceanside Hide (Geovangelist), OCNA Challenge Cache - Finder Level 4 (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - I get around (Finder level 3) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Mini-Moving Cache #5 (TermiteHunter), Off an old road (adairmd), Oh CANNON MILLS, Where art thou?? (Militescriste), Old Bethlehem Cemetery (flower71), Old Independence Cemetery (NativTxn), Oshkosh Municipal Tank (glorkar), Ouch, it's pretty hot and cold here. (sfcchaz), Out Of This World (flyingmoose), Pachanga BIT (cycleangela), Panorama Lighthouse Virtual (Camroo), Park Letterbox (flamedogss1), PBP - Gettysburg, PA (DudleyGrunt), Peggy's Cove Lighthouse (simrebel), Pelham Taco Treasure (HotRod205), Penthouse View (NativTxn), PG Veterans Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Pharr Mill Historic Site (ithink314), Pine Flatwoods in the Open (zstatman), Pins Only, No Needles (DudleyGrunt), Place Saint-Bernard Webcam Cache (unoyt), Point Park Web Cam (Sabrefan7), Poppies (web-ling), Port Haney Wharf (vagabond8400), Portuguese Navigation (teamvoyagr), Q-Code series (N7MFT), Quebe Farm (NativTxn), Reach For the Stars (TommyGator), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Base of Clump (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Caution Ped/Bike X-ing (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - East Holly (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Not 35 MPH (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Not a Pine Cone (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - Outside of Kinder Farm (sfcchaz), Rebirth - Let's Go Volksmarching 3 - West Holly (sfcchaz), Red Jacket Monument (Frank Broughton), Red on the run (obxgeek), Restaged (k3iv), Rio Grande Virtual Salt Cache (The Searchers), Riverside (Coffee Peddlers), Riverside Nature Center (flamedogss1), Royal Gorge Bridge (kingbee), Run for the Border (Aardvark), Rural Heritage Museum (DudleyGrunt), RVRT 4 - Former WW2 Army Navy Hospital (sonicsix), Sacred Heart Shrine (GOF), San Rafael 101 (Big Doggie and Lil Pup), Sandy River Delta (Dulce-Joy), Scenic View Casino Island (Sabrefan7), Seqium-Dungeness Valley Visitor Center (tolmaus), Shiawassee Park Cache (DougPeterson), Simcoe Panorama Virtual (Camroo), Skater Dude! (HB31), SNOW 1 (TermiteHunter), SNOW 2 (TermiteHunter), SNOW 3 (TermiteHunter), SNOW 4 (TermiteHunter), SNOW 5 (TermiteHunter), SNOW Storm 27 (TermiteHunter), Somewhere In Time (Cyclops), South Breakwall Seagull Condo (MickEMT), Spillway Hike (NativTxn), Spirit Catcher (Juicepig), SpongeBob Faithpants (cycleangela), Sprung a Leak! (FailedApparatus), Stillwater Webcam (Team Dennis), STS: Crybaby Creek (sseegars), Stuart Feed Store (Joshism), Stuart Hill Cemetery (DudleyGrunt), SVFD Lot Cache (DudleyGrunt), Sweeny Street Fishing Pier (Mr.Yuck), Symposium 1980 (Danatisy), System of Equations (DougPeterson), Take a Walk at the Zoo (rob3k), Tall One (garybech), Ted Stevens Virtual (bamafan323), Teddy Roosevelt at the Fountain of Youth (history-cacher), Tejas (NativTxn), Ten Mile Creek (Waypointless), Terra's Treasure Chest (wolfsong), Texas Treasures: Whooping Crane (NativTxn), The back gate (obxgeek), The Battle of South Mountain (cycleangela), The Benchmark at Robinson's Folly - Mackinac Island, MI (DJCreekCachers), The Black Pearl (The Anaheim Pirates), The Chesapeake Bay Bugeye (sfcchaz), The Corner of Wall St (glorkar), The Family (web-ling), The Franklin Mint Museum - A Piece of the Past (DJCreekCachers), The Language Challenge #2 (jeffbouldin), The Mustache... (Militescriste), The new last one? (sfcchaz), The Rocket Park (kejdad), THE Tallest Tower (stargatekrewe), The War of the Worlds (sfcchaz), The Wharf in Louisville (DudleyGrunt), These Boots Were Made For Walking (NativTxn), Tilghman Island Drawbridge (cycleangela), To the Right of Dub-Ya (logger&trail), Tony Stien Memorial (mutt-), Tradition (TermiteHunter), Traffic view (Astronut42), Traveling Salesman (tripman1), Two Smileys For One (DudleyGrunt), TwoCs Not Your Average TwoCs (TwoCs), Twofer (stargatekrewe), Union Soldiers and Sailors (DudleyGrunt), Up in smoke (Krips Curves), Upper Niagara River Bit Cache #2 (Mr.Yuck), Upper Niagara River Bit Cache #3 (Mr.Yuck), US Benchmark 64 RJN ~ PID - FB4135 (KnowsOpie), US Benchmark ~ NEWFOUND ~ PID - FB4079 (KnowsOpie), Veterans Memorial Park (DudleyGrunt), Virtual New Mexico #1 (Team Tuxawuxa), Virtual New Mexico #2 (Team Tuxawuxa), Virtual New Mexico #4 (Team Tuxawuxa), Walk in the Park with LANMonkey (LANMonkey), Walk the line (cache-hounds), WE JUST HAVE TO EAT HERE (cclip), We well rock you! (emilyasdf), Welcome Gnome (R of JARS), Welcome to Alabama (None), Welcome to Bloomfield (flamedogss1), Welcome To Caledonia Virtual (Camroo), Welcome to Delaware (None), Welcome to West Virginia (None), Where the Sidewalk Ends 4 - Lost Cat (sfcchaz), Where's Dudley? - At The Chapel (DudleyGrunt), White Bronze (jackrob), Who Knew This Was Here? (DudleyGrunt), Who Was Colonel Gateway? (DudleyGrunt), Why is there a Lighthouse here? (DarrylW4), Wilbur The Insomniac (mtnlife), Wild Flower Jar (thnkoutsidethebox), Windsor Wonderland Hill Climb (Footpower), WMRT - Railroad Siding and Coal Trestle (cycleangela), WSE #6 - Volksmarching Trail (sfcchaz), WSE 2 - Limos (DudleyGrunt), WSE 5 - And the Road, Too? (DudleyGrunt), WTF BIT Charlotte City (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Concord Tower (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Harmons Park (sfcchaz), WTF BIT Pecan (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Reedy Creek (TermiteHunter), WTF BIT Southgate (sfcchaz), WTF BIT: Savage (DudleyGrunt), WWII Memorial - Ketring (tripman1), Xenia Ice Cream BIT (Bernoulli), Xenia Station (Bernoulli), Yes Really (TermiteHunter)
  23    1   A Nofrills Cache (Camroo), LaSalle Park No. 1 (Mr.Yuck), LaSalle Park No. 2 (Mr.Yuck), OCD Ontario - Mount Hamilton Cemetery (Hamilton) (Bon Echo), Tim Hortons #Selfie (Camroo), Traditional CacheInto the Twilight (cache-hounds), "D" is for Delta (texliebmann), "First In Bruce" (Micd), "KNOT" In the park (teamlareau), "Nothing Really" (wd1j), 10+00 - AW0603 - Galveston Seawall (Bon Echo), 2X4 (photographer39), 629.89 (Team Tierra Buena), 9/11 Memorial of Maryland (DudleyGrunt), A Family Cache (sonicsix), A Fun Day in the Park (LANMonkey), A Good Walk Ruined (ithink314), A Hole In the Russian Olives (ithink314), A House for Flat Birds (R of JARS), A King and his Castle (stargatekrewe), A Miner Distraction (LANMonkey), A Power Pole in the Open (zstatman), A Tour of Mount Vernon (DudleyGrunt), A Walk After Lunch (galileo the cat), Abandoned Trams (Team Gently), Across The Grain (debaere), AirVirt: PHL-F37 (NYPaddleCacher), Alberta's First Cache! (iicydiamonds), Algonquin Park Visitor Centre Webcam (Bon Echo), Allen's Alley Virtual (simrebel), Amazing (The Anaheim Pirates), Andromeda Park (photographer39), Animal Tracks - Fox (NativTxn), Animal Tracks - Frog (NativTxn), Antique Heaven (cclip), Aquatic Fowl Hooch (KASCAN), Astronut's Rolling BIT Cache (Astronut42), Austin Cam (None), Aztec Mural (kingbee), Aztec Museum (flamedogss1), Babes' On The Bruce (sxrxnrr), Balanced Rock (kingbee), Barbara Park Sessler Visitor Information Center (Mr.Yuck), Barking up the right stump (Atomic2002), Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ Guestbook Cache (Badwolf1197), Barnegat Lighthouse, NJ Virtual Cache (Badwolf1197), Barrie City Hall Rink (Juicepig), Battle Monument (DudleyGrunt), Battle of Longwoods (Coffee Peddlers), Battlefield BIT (Bon Echo), Battlefield Park Opencache (Bon Echo), Benchmark GO0362 (flamedogss1), Benchmark Hunter - LL1044 (None), Between a picnic and a home place (PTMY), Between The Rivers (Lost Scouts), Big Chute Marine Railroad (simrebel), Big Man of the North (DougPeterson), Big Sweet Melons (jstacy00), Billy Goats Gruff (offthemap), BIT on Barton #1 (Bon Echo), BIT: End of the Trail (NativTxn), Blue Man Jr. hides a cache (bpratt), Bonnie n' Cl--er, Main (NC*) (DNeuwir), Books-n-Cache (lowedown78), BOPA (adkscout), Boulan Park Cache II (DarrylW4), Bridge View (DougPeterson), Buffer Woods (PTMY), Burger Bridge (simrebel), Burleson County Bridges - Brazos River (NativTxn), Business Park 16 Go Climb A ____ (shannan0), Cache and Rest (TermiteHunter), Cadillac Ranch (None), Caledonia Train Station (Camroo), Cap à l'Orignal (Danatisy), Capitol Columns (DudleyGrunt), Captiva Chapel by the Sea (DJCreekCachers), Carthage Office Park (cclip), Cartoon Arch (kingbee), Cedar Falls in the Hocking Hills (Bernoulli), Centre of Canada (simrebel), Certificate of Courage (shortyknits), Charleston County Public Library (CmHall9), Charlotte Area Variety Show Finder (Level 3) Challenge Cache (ithink314), Charlotte Tower BIT - WSOC-TV (stargatekrewe), Chestnut Ridge 100 Steps (Frank Broughton), Christmas Crueltree (kbulgrien), Circle Of Truth (Sniperchicken), Cloud (nature_ranger), CN Tower - Toronto! (Camroo), Collar Park Rocks (BlueEagle23), Colonel Brown and The Teacher (jackrob), Confederate Soldiers and Sailors (DudleyGrunt), Confederate Soldiers Remembered (DudleyGrunt), Couer D Alene Board Walk (Atomic2002), Dairy, Pastries, and More (cycleangela), Damascus Church (WallynSC), dan snyder cemetery (antaries), Dead And Forgotten (idratherbeinthewoods), Dead Wood (usualkayaker), Deep Woods Picnic (The Allen Cachers), DETOUR: FISH It or FLOAT It (Bon Echo), Did You Pack a Picnic? (jeffbouldin), District 8 (mzaremsk), Do You Measure Up? (K13), Dog Buggy Ride V (Zadventurer), Drop Dead Fun! (Pilerman), Dunkin' at the Wally (jeffbouldin), Dunkirk Lighthouse and Veterans Park Virtual (Bon Echo), Durango Co Museum (flamedogss1), Durango, CO webcam (kingbee), DustySandStorm's CCPLLC (DustySandStorm), Easter Egg Hunt: Silver Egg (The Anaheim Pirates), Edge of the Cedars Museum (flamedogss1), Eternal Bliss (Cayuga Crew), Fallsington Doughboy (DudleyGrunt), Farmington Memorial Parks (DougPeterson), Federalsburg Hometown Veterans Memorial (sfcchaz), Fell down and can't get up. (YouAreHere), Field Box (shortyknits), Firefighter Memorial (DudleyGrunt), First Post - Fredericton (Andronicus), Flatirons of Boulder (tripman1), Flutter by (Team Geofrog), Fountain of the Tall Ships (ezGeocacher), Four corners (duplicate) (kingbee), Fulton Street Mall (NativTxn), Garden of the Gods (None), Gem & Estelle....Idaho's first OpenCache (IDLookout), George Armstrong Custer Equestrian Monument (Mr.Yuck), Get your steps (PTMY), Getting Back on Track (HB31), GFD Two (Mississippicacher), Giant Sleeping Gryphon Mascot (simrebel), Go Speed Walker (PTMY), Going to the Dogs (tanjent), Gone Fishin' (shaggy), Grandma Gatewood's Rock Shelter (Bernoulli), Grandma Gatewood's Tiny Tunnel (Bernoulli), Grant Flatwoods in the Open (zstatman), Greys and Torreys (None), Guzzler Lookout (elway7), H.A.C. -Life Scout (Tape worm), Hamilton & Scourge - 1812 Naval Memorial Garden (Bon Echo), Hamilton & Scourge - Ned Myers' Account (Bon Echo), Hanging Out At the Mall (DudleyGrunt), Headwaters - The Lake (jackrob), Headwaters - The Meadow (jackrob), Headwaters - The Wood (jackrob), Heroes' Memorial (DudleyGrunt), HEY EARL LOOK AT THIS FISHING HOLE!!! (cclip), Hey Earl they sure are pretty new boats by the lake (cclip), High and dry (PTMY), Higher Ground (DudleyGrunt), Hillcrest Park Cache (cclip), Historic South Main St. Geneva, N.Y. (Mr.Yuck), HMCS Ojibwa (simrebel), Holland Land Office (Sabrefan7), Holocaust Memorial Park (DudleyGrunt), Holstein Cow Statues (simrebel), Home Away From Home - JJML #1 (JJMLibrary), Horseshoe Falls (Tape worm), hounds home 2 (cache-hounds), HSCs Big Green Box (horseshoechamp), Hummer Bird (NativTxn), I need a little privacy Please! (EASTXCOP), I Scream for Ice-cream Guest book (simrebel), Impala Rolling BIT (wd1j), In a Pickle (Apex), In Libris Est Vernum (Fledermaus), In the Pines (Team_csg), Invading the Niagara Peninsula (Bon Echo), Jackson Gardens 1 (piepera), Jackson Gardens 2 (piepera), Jackson Hole Town Square (None), Jal, New Mexico (Point-X), Janusz Zurakowski Park (simrebel), Jekyll Island Multi Millionaire's Cache (gunguyandfam), JFK - Terminal C - C37 (NYPaddleCacher), Jockey's Ridge - Protecting the Shore (obxgeek), John White Game Farm (Sabrefan7), Jumbo the Elephant (simrebel), Just a Micro in a Cemetery? (K13), Just a micro in the woods (obxgeek), Just Hanging Around (The Searchers), K9 Cache (DudleyGrunt), Kentucky Raid (Lost Scouts), King Family Cemetery (DudleyGrunt), King Road Park Sledding Hill Hide (DarrylW4), King Road Parking Not (DarrylW4), Kingston's Market Square Webcam (Bon Echo), Kinsmen Park Cache (Camroo), Kinzua Skywalk (Bon Echo), Ladycoop's Lost Letterbox (jeffbouldin), Lake Somerville Lookout (NativTxn), Lakeside Carousel and Looff's Lions (Bon Echo), Lamar Park (Sniperchicken), LaSalle Park Ampitheatre (Mr.Yuck), LaSalle Park No. 4 (Mr.Yuck), Last large town on old Hwy (cclip), Lets go to the Drive in Theater First in Lee Co (cclip), LITTLE DRUMMER BEAR (grubbsterscott), Little Lake Creek Wilderness (NativTxn), Log Your Find (Camroo), London Books Web Cam (simrebel), LOOK OUT! (TermiteHunter), Looking Forward Camtastic (ithink314), Loveland Museum Gallery (None), Lyon Down (badlands), Lyrical Location #2 - City of New Orleans (DudleyGrunt), Lyrical Location #3 - Alice's Restaurant Massacree (DudleyGrunt), Maple Or Pine (Camroo), Mark this spot (nature_ranger), Maryland Line (DudleyGrunt), Massabesic Experimental Forest #3 (0xabaddeed), Memfis Mafia's trackable carrier (None), Memorial Stadium Remembered (DudleyGrunt), Meoooooow (rdeason), Merry Cache-Mas (jkferren), Metal Fence Micro (shannan0), Metalmorphosis Head Cam (ithink314), MHMS-001 Mississippi County History (Team AZMO), Micro Woods Revenge (PTMY), Mini-Park (glorkar), Mint Hill Park Cache (QueensGrantMusic), Mississippi Welcomes Opencachers! (ijeep), Mock Crest Tavern (Dulce-Joy), Montrose History (WallynSC), Monument Canyon Guestbook (kejdad), More than birds at Times Beach (GOF), Mossy Bank Park Overlook - Bath, NY (Bon Echo), Motown B and C (texliebmann), Mount Savage Iron works (Journey374), MPR Applewood (IceDevil200), MPR Crestview (IceDevil200), MPR Pleasantview (IceDevil200), Mt Evans (kingbee), Mt. Bierstadt Summit (kejdad), MT. Hwy Comm. Benchmark - Montana City (dexteri), Mt. Tabor Park cache (Shilo), Mt. Vernon Springs (cclip), Multnomah Falls (Dulce-Joy), Munzopoly - Leonard Rd. (NativTxn), My first BIT o Maine (0xabaddeed), Myrtle Beach 9-11 Unity Memorial (DudleyGrunt), Nachò Cachò (abercrombie), Nags Head Woods (obxgeek), National Historic Landmark - Denvers First! (tripman1), Natural Path (TermiteHunter), Navajo Nation Museum (flamedogss1), NC Rest Areas - Blowing Rock (stargatekrewe), NC Rest Areas - Columbia US 64 (stargatekrewe), NC Rest Areas - Concord I-85 SB (stargatekrewe), NC Rest Areas - Marion I-40 EB (stargatekrewe), NC Rest Areas - Marion I-40 WB (stargatekrewe), NC Rest Areas - Mooresville I-77 NB (stargatekrewe), NC Visitor Center - Charlotte (stargatekrewe), NC Visitor Center - Marion (stargatekrewe), Near the Woods (ChiggerNGoat), Ned Hill Fire Lookout (ricksto), New Hill Cache (cclip), Newfoundland Gap ~ GSMNP (KnowsOpie), Niagara Gorge Discovery Center BIT (Mr.Yuck), Nice Dam View (WallynSC), Nisha's Lookout (NishaNH), No Bull No Water! (KASCAN), North Carolina's Tallest Towers (#21) (stargatekrewe), Not Petrified (flamedogss1), Not the dog! (sfcchaz), NWVC 4 - The Visitor Center (DudleyGrunt), OCD Ontario - Blackheath United Church Cemetery (Bon Echo), OCD Ontario - Crown Cemetery (Puslinch Township) (Bon Echo), OCD Ontario - Eastlawn Cemetery (Hamilton) (Bon Echo), Ochopee - Smallest Post Office In The U.S. (cycleangela), OCNA Challenge Cache - Ultimate Monthly Cacher (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 3) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 4) (OCNAChallenges), OCNA Mini-Moving Cache #2 (TermiteHunter), OCUS comes to Paulding County (Shilo), OCUS Dead Drop Cache (sfcchaz), Old and New - JJML #1 (JJMLibrary), Old Baylor Park (NativTxn), Old Coal Mine Entrance Windrock Mountain (luurts), Old River Run Nature Trail (Sniperchicken), Old Route 66 Rainbow Bridge (ithink314), on the edge of tranquility (N4MIN), On the Iroquois Trail (Tequila), One for your Caching Stats (Bon Echo), One Stone Graveyard -- Sandwich MA (Sandwich-MA-History), One White Flint Cam (ithink314), OPEN Ambassador #1 (TB6B2TW) MISSING AGAIN (Bon Echo), OPEN Ambassador #2 (TB6AJJA) (Bon Echo), OPEN Ambassador #3 (currently with 1978butterfly1978) (Bon Echo), Orc Ranger 1 (kraekus), Osiyo Tanasi (KnowsOpie), Over the Cliff and Through the Stream (kreamerandbearskrew), Owl (nature_ranger), Paper or Plastic? 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